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This two-day conference will feature 60 oral presentations and 20 poster displays, as well as pre- and post-conference field trips. Explore the six technical sessions and the conference themes ...

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This exploration-themed conference will bring together a diverse group of delegates from all corners of the petroleum industry. We're calling all E&P experts to speak at this global A&D event.

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APPEX is one, if not the world’s best regarded non-profit Global A&D events and is designed to be a highly effective and productive experience, allowing you to meet the right people directly, to buy, sell and trade prospects and properties, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Book your place at the upcoming European Regional Conference “Hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean: revisiting proved plays and understanding new and emerging ideas” on 18-19 January 2017 in Lanarca, Cyprus, before the 9th December and save up to €325.

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Following the tremendous success of the 2016 European Regional Conference held in Bucharest, AAPG Europe will be hosting next year’s event ‘Hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean: Revisiting Mature Plays and Understanding New and Emerging Ideas’ in Larnaca, Cyprus on 18 and 19 January 2017.

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Sign up for your place at this two-day Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW) hosted by AAPG Europe at Vilnius University in the heart of the Lithuanian capital. This workshop will focus on Hydrocarbon Exploration in Lithuania and the Baltic Region and will include 12 technical themes which have been designed to help launch perspectives for increased exploration in this region.

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Exhibition opportunities are now available for the annual APPEX Regional upstream A&D (Acquisition and Divestment) conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland 8-9 November. Book yours today to book a speaking slot in the prospect forum!

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The call for abstracts deadline is quickly approaching! Submit yours by 18 September 2016 to take part in the first Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW) ever held in Lithuania. The workshop will cover everything from European basin modelling to carbonate sedimentology and offshore developments in the Baltic Sea.

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Are you a "deal maker?" AAPG Europe is looking for you. The annual Regional upstream A&D (Acquisition and Divestment) conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland 8-9 November. We are asking you to become one of the sought-after 20 minute ‘Keynote Speakers’ at this event.

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ExxonMobil has been exploring in the Romanian sector of the Black Sea since 2008, with our partner, OMV Petrom. After acquisition of a 3D seismic survey in 2009, we drilled the Domino-1 gas discovery in 2012. This was the first deepwater discovery anywhere in the Black Sea. This discovery was followed by acquisiiton of a second 3D survey, the largest that had ever been acquired in the Black Sea at that time. The results of the first well and both 3D surveys were then used to plan an extensive drilling program to appraise the Domino discovery and conduct further exploration in the block.

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