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To coincide with ICE in London (15-18 October 2017) and the 100th Anniversary celebration of AAPG, the AAPG Europe Region is pleased to announce the AAPG Europe Awards 2017

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APPEX Global 2017 Chairman, Mike Lakin, recently wrote an article “Global Upstream A&D: is it two steps back… one step forward – or are we beginning to see signs of recovery?” , this also reviewed the most recent APPEX Global conference held in London at the end of February. The article has now been published in GeoExpro (pg. 9).

You can read it HERE

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GeoExpro magazine will publish the opinion article post-APPEX Global , by Mike Lakin, APPEX Global Chairman, with their next number –out on April 10th.

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The Geothermal Cross Over Technology Workshop it is defining the last pieces of its program. It has just been published on the AAPG Europe Events website.

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18 teams from all of Europe convened last week in Prague to compete for the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award for 2017. Winners will go to the Annual Convention in Houston this April to compete for the Grand Prize.
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APPEX Global returns to London in less than two weeks! Do you have your pass?

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The AAPG Europe Region is delighted to bring you this exciting new geosciences technology workshop at Durham University in April. You now have additional time to submit your abstract – deadline extended to 17 February.

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APPEX is one, if not the world’s best regarded non-profit Global A&D events and is designed to be a highly effective and productive experience, allowing you to meet the right people directly, to buy, sell and trade prospects and properties, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Explore the geology of Cyprus with exciting field trips prior to and/or after the European Regional Conference.

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This two-day conference will feature 60 oral presentations and 20 poster displays, as well as pre- and post-conference field trips. Explore the six technical sessions and the conference themes ...

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