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Seminar, using SE Asian Basin Examples

Instructor: Herman Darman — Indogeo SE, Dyah Tribuanawati — Indogeo SE
Dates: 22-23 May 2017 (Monday-Tuesday, 2 days course)
Venue: Rumah Indogeo, Jl. Opal 1/18, Permata Hijau, Jakarta Selatan, 12210 Indonesia
About the course: This course provides a principles on seismic stratigraphy, hands-on tutorial with practical exercises using real examples from SE Asia basins (Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea). Participants will learn how to answer "so what" questions from the management related to seismic stratigraphy.

Designed for: Geologists, geophysicists, engineers (with some knowledge of geology) needing a fundamental understanding on seismic stratigraphy, also for those who are interested to broaden their knowledge on SE Asia basins.

You will learn: How to:
  • Identify stratigraphic signature on seismic
  • Interpret seismic feature into geological sense
  • Generate opportunities based on seismic stratigraphy
  • Problem and failures happen (real case examples from operators)
Course content:
  • Principle of exploration and methods
  • Seismic interpretation and pitfalls
  • 2D vs 3D interpretation
  • Facies models and what you see on seismic
Course instructor:

Herman Darman, is an AAPG Certified Geologist with ~25 years experience, spent most of his career with Shell, exploring Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Former Soviet Union. He spent a significant amount of his time evaluating core and outcrops around Borneo. Currently he is and director of the Indogeo Social Enterprise. Herman is a co-founder of FOSI (Indonesian Sedimentologists Forum) and editor of its journal. Previously Herman also served as AAPG Asia Pacific region president. He is currently the Indonesian ambassador for SEPM

Dyah Tribuanawati, is a well-rounded oil and gas professional with managerial and geoscience skills accumulated experience over 20 years of major petroleum company with her balanced experiences between Exploration, Development and New Ventures.

She has worked on projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Mexico and has an exposure assessment of the technical quality for operations in Algeria, Angola, Bolivia, Brazil, Carribean, Colombia, Norway, Peru, Trinidad Tobago and Venezuela. Her main focus is on Play-to-Prospect Exploration.



Seminar, using SE Asian Basin Examples

Course fee Early bird (before May 6, 2017) Regular price (after May 6, 2017)
  Fresh graduates Professionals* Fresh graduates Professionals*
General Rp. 250.000 Rp. 3.000.000 Rp. 350.000 Rp. 3.500.000
Supporting organizations** Rp. 200.000 Rp. 2.750.000 Rp.300.000 Rp. 3.250.000

*) Include FREE 4 hours onsite consultancy
**) IAGI, HAGI, AAPG, including Indogeo members
- Course fee includes: Course manual & material, lunches and refreshment
- Potential participants who are not registered under any institution / company, still seeking for job can apply as 'Fresh graduates'.


For registration please send e-mail to Yoshi Rachael ()
Number of participants: minimum 10 and maximum 20 participants


Course, Seminar, Workshop, Sharing Session

About the program: Indogeo Social Enterprise and Sekolah Bumi are provide affordable learning sessions on geoscience subjects. We provide balance opportunity for people in the industry, government officers and fresh graduates. The instructors have international and long term experiences in their subjects. The organizers aim for the best lecture quality.
Venue: By default the events will be held in Rumah Indogeo, in Permata Hijau, Jakarta Selatan. Maximum participants are 20 people for events without exercises.

2017 Program:
  • March 8: Indonesian Basement Sharing Session, by Dr. Ade Kadarusman
  • March 28-29: Wellsite and Operation Geology Course, by Iwan Hainim and Herman Darman
  • May 22-23: Seismic Stratigraphy Seminar, by Dyah Tribuanawati and Herman Darman
  • July 18-19: Play Based Exploration Course, by Herman Darman
  • September 19-20: Well Log Analysis Course, by M. Syaiful
  • September t.b.d: Langkawi (Malaysia) Field Seminar, by Prof. Lee Chai Peng & Herman Darman
  • October 17-18: Petroleum System of SE Asia Basins Course, by Herman Darman
  • November t.b.d: Northwest Borneo Field Seminar, by Dr. Pgn. A. Razak Damir & Herman Darman: Brunei-Malaysia
  • December t.b.d.: Petroleum Geochemistry, t.b.a Further information and details: please visit http://indogeose.weebly.com/events
Supporting organizations:
Course Organizer

Indogeo Social Enterprise: indogeose.weebly.com Providing projects and development opportunities for fresh graduates in geoscience.

Sekolah Bumi: sekolahbumiblog.wordpress.com introducing geology of Indonesia to public, including school children and non-geoscientist.

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