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In line with the vision of AAPG international towards advancing the world of petroleum geoscience, we the AAPG Suez Student Chapter hosted a student meeting on 29th October 2016 with support from the Kuwait Energy Company.

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Book your seat today for the AAPG/SPE Africa Energy and Technology Conference, which is taking place from 5 to 7 December in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference program encompasses an inaugural plenary session, 2 high level topical panel discussions and 16 technical sessions. Learn more …

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Saturday 22nd October saw the hosting of a student lecture by Apache Corporation, Egypt under the Visiting Geoscientist Program, VGP. A total of twenty five students representing AAPG student chapters in Egypt were invited to the lecture which was delivered by Dr. Ashraf Ghali.

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The primary objective of the 2016 Young Professional Leadership Program (SCLS 2014 Alumni Give-Back Exercise) was to follow up and ensure that current fresh student leaders of AAPG student chapters have successful tenures with their smart goals.

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The Total Energy Summer School which held from the 10th – 14th July 2016 was indeed a week of training and brainstorming on the future of Global energy.

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The AAPG/SPE Africa Energy and Technology Conference (5-7 December, Nairobi, Kenya) is pleased to confirm that the AAPG President, Paul Britt, and SPE President-Elect, Janeen Judah, will be giving the opening remarks on the first day of the conference.

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I have always sought opportunity to share my industry experience with students of higher institutions and the AAPG Visiting Geology (VG) Program provided that platform. My experience as a VG thus far has been both exciting and rewarding. Late last year, I visited the University of Calabar and spent some four hours interacting with undergrads and post-graduates students of geology.

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At the beginning of July, David Blanchard stepped down from his two-year term as Africa Region President. These have been rewarding yet challenging years for our region as we all have tried to weather the latest petroleum industry downturn – one of many that most of us have experienced.

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The creation of an AAPG Africa Region Student Chapter at the University of Western Cape, UWC, South Africa was welcomed by the Region as the 46th addition to the AAPG Africa Region student chapter count following the successful engagement and support from 2014 IBA student participants and Faculty Advisor towards the chapter’s set-up. Having initial student membership numbers of 63 at inauguration in 2014, the AAPG UWC student chapter has since been delivering on student programs and events.

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All roads led to the 35th International Geological Congress, IGC, the Olympics of geoscience congresses held from 28 August to 4 September 2016 in Cape Town South Africa.

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