Stay up-to-date on EMD news, announcements and events, brought to you by the EMD leadership and AAPG HQ Staff. EMD supports technical program sessions at several of AAPG's meetings including the annual meeting, international meetings and section or region meetings.

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EMD is sponsoring a special forum with DEG titled: "The Next 100 Years of Global Energy Use: Resources, Impacts and Economics", as part of the AAPG Annual Meeting in Houston. The forum will be held on April 4, from 1:15 to 5:05 pm at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This special AAPG 100th Anniversary event is open to the public free of charge. The invited speakers are world renowned experts with diverse backgrounds that will provide a critical review and assessment of global energy use during the next century.

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Just back to a full week’s work following the Mudstone Diagenesis research in Santa Fe.

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Open registration is now available for the Mudstone Diagenesis Research Conference that will be held at the Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza hotel, October 16-19, 2016.

The goal of this 2 1/2 day conference is to promote the free exchange of new ideas in an informal setting among leading experts from industry, academia, and government on the controls and impacts of inorganic and organic diagenesis on mudstone (shale) hydrocarbon generation, reservoir properties and seal quality.

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The results are in for Energy Minerals Division 2016-17 officer election.

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Bob Trevail invites EMD members to join him at ACE 2016.

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Are you interested in becoming an active member on the EMD Executive Committee? We are looking for three volunteer positions for the upcoming 2016 - 17 year (beginning in July): secretary (two - year term), vice president (one - year term); and president-elect (three - year term). The president-elect is a one - year term, followed by one year as President; and a third year as past president after the election.

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AAPG's Energy Minerals Division (EMD) will have a strong contribution to the conference theme of "Redefining Reservoir" at the 2016 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, set June 19-22 in Calgary, Alberta (plus pre- and post-events). The conference includes a wide variety of oral and poster sessions (under 10 separate themes), short courses, field trips, forum opportunities, luncheons and special sessions. Also, the CSPG International Core Conference will be held on June 23-24.

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