The following candidates have submitted certification applications by the Division of Professional Affairs. This does not constitute election, but places the names before the membership at large. Any information bearing on the qualifications of these candidates should be sent promptly to the Executive Committee, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, Okla. 74101.

Name Company City State or Country Sponsors Certification Publish Date
Husser, Lauren Wexford PA Scott Gorham, Cary Kuminecz, Craig Eckert CPG 07/19/2016
Nwoko, Stephanie Independent Consulting Houston TX Susan Nash, Paul Ware, Gene Johnson CPG 08/15/2016
Bucher, Edward EJB Consulting The Woodlands TX Gergory Herbertson, Bruce Archinal, Gregory Olson CPG 08/17/2016
Williams, Matt Consultant The Woodlands TX Eric Mason, Robert LoPiccolo, Eduardo Gonzales CPG 08/17/2016
Larasati, Dewi none Katy TX William Clopine, Andrew McCarthy, Harvey Vick CPG 07/07/2016
Allen, Jonathan Chevron Bakersfield CA Ariel Auffant, Jessica Moore, Vaughn Thompson CPG 08/17/2016

Headquarters Contacts

Diane Keim Administration Staff (918) 560-2623