Stay up-to-date on DEG news, announcements and events. DEG supports technical program sessions at several of AAPG's meetings including the annual meeting, international meetings and section or region meetings. Often, DEG members hear of symposia and workshops of interest to the DEG membership. These are included in this blog.

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The results are in for Division of Environmental Geosciences 2016-17 officer election.

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In order to qualify for the Reduced Speaker Registration Fee or the Discounted Exhibitor basic booth space or Exhibitor Corporate Sponsor Level, speaker abstracts or exhibitor registrations must be received by April 30th!!

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CSPG will be hosting a technical luncheon on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 to launch the new Hydrogeology Division of the CSPG and to highlight the fundamental importance of water to current and future oil and gas development.
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The EPA has proposed measures that would reduce methane and VOC emissions from the oil and natural gas industry. Read more to learn how to directly share your comments on the proposed measures.

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At the August 4th meeting of the DEG Advisory Board the final seat representing the AAPG Sections and Regions was filled with the addition of Tim Basilone of the Eastern Section.

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Come network and learn more about environmental issues and solutions in exploration, production, refining & distribution of petroleum at the 22nd International Petroleum Environmental Conference (IPEC) on November 17-19, 2015 in Denver, Colorado at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. This conference is being endorsed by the DEG. 

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DEG President (2014-15) Jeffery G. Paine reflects on his experience in office for the Division of Environmental Geosciences.

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Tom Temples gives a lecture called, “The Environmental Impacts of Hydrofracturing — Truth or Fiction?”, at the Division of Environmental Geosciences Luncheon in September 2013.
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John V. Fontana gives a lecture called, “Water Well 'Problems' in Areas of Unconventional Resource Development: Appearances are Deceiving and Solutions are Many”, at the Division of Environmental Geosciences Luncheon in September 2012.
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Speaker Steve Leifer gives a lecture called, “Hydraulic Fracturing: Separating Myth from Reality”, at the Division of Environmental Geosciences Luncheon in Long Beach, CA in April 2012.

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