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01 July, 2013

Thomas E.


“From the detailed stratigraphy of the Yeguna Formation to the tectonic development of West Texas, I’ve been fortunate to work in areas that teach us a lot about rocks, basins and hydrocarbons, and we’re still finding new plays and provinces.

“I would like to bring to a wider audience the neat things I’ve found in the geology of Texas, including West Texas and the Gulf of Mexica, and give back to our society the great stories about the earth and how its wealth has created our modern society.”

Tom Ewing, noted geoscientist and author, is owner and operator of Frontera Exploration Consultants in San Antonio. In his 35-year career, Ewing’s primary research interest has been integration of structural and stratigraphic history in the evolution of major petroleum-producing basins. He also has a long-standing interest in the geology of San Antonio, and Central and South Texas – integrating surface and subsurface data, and applying it to historical development of the area.

The Bureau of Economic Geology recently released Ewing’s book, “Texas Through Time – a full-color, lavishly illustrated look at the geology of Texas and its relation to human history and human needs,” and “Landscapes, Water and Man: Geology and History in the San Antonio Area of Texas.”

During his tenure with the Bureau of Economic Geology, 1980-84, he worked on the Gulf Coast expansion faults and over-pressured reservoirs, and co-authored “Atlas of Texas Oil Reservoirs” and complied the Tectonic Map of Texas. Ewing previously worked with an exploration team for Venus Oil in the expanded Yegua Trend, achieving significant successes at Vidor Ames, Nome and Constitution fields. The team also worked in West Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. He has worked with clients in New Mexico, as well as regional ground-water studies in Texas.

Ewing is currently the AAPG Gulf Coast Section president(2016-2017). He is a past president of Sections for AAPG and previously served as president for both the Energy Minerals Division and the Division of Professional Affairs.

He is a three-time recipient of the AAPG A.I. Levorsen Award and recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. He also received Honorary membership from GCAGS and the South Texas Geological Society.