Petroleum Exploration & Production: An Online Overview

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for anyone needing an overall perspective of Petroleum Exploration, drilling, and production in order to become more knowledgeable and productive in your job. This will include, but not be limited to: new employees, Administrative Assistants, Landmen, Accountants, Managers, Marketing/Sales Personnel, Attorneys, Finance Personnel, Geotechs, etc.

This online course provides an overview of the petroleum industry from what is natural gas and crude oil to how to explore, drill, and produce oil and gas. It is a technical program presented on a non-technical level, through audio visuals, graphics, texts and examples. No previous technical training is necessary to take this course.

This program offers a perspective of the industry that will lead to increased job productivitiy. It is designed for anyone who works directly or indirectly with the petroleum industry and who is not a petroleum geologist or petroleum engineer.

The course is designed to provide individuals and companies with an easily accessible training tool that can be used to educate interns and employees on the language and processes of the oil and gas industry. In addition, we want to provide participants with an interactive, flexible and exciting way to learn.

Course Content
  1. The Nature of Oil & Gas
  2. The Earth's Crust: Where We Find Oil and Gas Generation
  3. Migration and Accumulation of Petroleum
  4. Deformation of Sedimentary Rocks
  5. Petroleum Traps
  6. Petroleum Exploration; Seismic Exploration
  7. Drilling Preliminaries; Drilling a Well; Drilling Problems and Techniques
  8. Testing a Well; Completing a Well
  9. Offshort Exploration and Production
  10. Petroleum Production
Course Highlights
  1. Narrated by Norm Hyne - his enthusiasm of this topic will keep your interest!
  2. Animated illustrations
  3. Easy to navigate your way thru the course
  4. Designed in short segments making it easy to stop after each section. Or you can finish the course all at once. You make the decision based on your schedule.
  5. Turn the audio on or off any time throughout the course.
  6. Highly interactive
  7. Immediate feedback exercises
  8. Glossary of terms provided with the click of a mouse
  9. Links to additional invormation on the web
  10. Picture allery of various subjects
Technical Requirements

Your computer will need to have the following:

  • Internet access (Internet Explorer or Netscape)
  • QuickTime:,
  • Flash:, and
  • Java Runtime
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    Upon registration, each student will receive a login and password, good for 30 days of anytime, anywhere access. Certificate of Completion, a geological time card and a reference handbook are also included. Please Note - if paying with a check, please make check payable to University of Tulsa, CESE


    Norman J. Hyne NJH Energy, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
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    Susan Nash, Ph.D. Director of Innovation and Emerging Science / Technology +1 918 560 2604
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