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Please note: Course is offered at the beginning of every month. You may sign up for it at any time, and your course will begin the first day of the upcoming month.
Who Should Attend
This course is ideal for all energy professionals who have an interest in wind energy operations, ranging from small use-specific operations to large contributors to the regional grid. Individuals and companies interested in integrating energy generation from multiple sources (wind, oil and gas, etc.) will find the information very useful for adding revenue sources and increasing efficiency.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Define key aspects of the growing biopower and biofuel industry, including different locations and scales of production.
  • Describe the current use of biomass-generated energy.
  • Identify and list past and current incentives for using and producing biomass energy.
  • Recognize companies developing and investing in biomass energy, as well as estimate the business benefits of such investments.
  • Identify the scientific fundamentals of the exploration, development, and distribution of biopower and biofuel.
  • Describe the scientific, technological, and business components of energy from biomass sources, e.g., the six types of biopower systems (direct-fired, cofiring, gasification, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, and small, modular) and sources of biofuel, e.g. ethanol, biodiesel, and methanol.
  • Cite current applications of biopower and biofuels in the energy industry.
  • Discuss and analyze case studies involving the integration of biopower/biofuel and non-renewable sources of fuel and energy.
  • Devise methods for the integration of biopower/biofuel and non-renewables in order to anticipate future changes in the energy market.
Course Content


These courses are being offered at the beginning of every month. You may sign up for these 5 courses as a package at any time, and the courses will begin the first day of the upcoming month. Length for each course is 4 weeks and each course is designed to be equivalent to a 3 credit-hour graduate level seminar.

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Vicky Vicky Kroh Registrar +1 918 560 2650
Debbi Debbi Boonstra Education Coordinator +1 918 560-2630
Susan Susan Nash, Ph.D. Director of Education and Professional Development +1 918 560 2604

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