John M. Armentrout

Consulting Geologist 600
John M.  Armentrout

Professional geologist, presently consultant with Cascade Stratigraphics, Clackmas, Oregon, specializing in stratigraphy depositional systems. Worked for Mobil Oil Corporation for 25 years in exploration and research, deepwater depositional systems, sequence stratigraphy, and exploration geochemistry in W. Siberia, Nigeria, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and Alaska.

John specializes in sequence stratigraphy of depositional systems and application of the Petroleum System to basin analysis. He worked for Mobil Oil Corporation for 27 and since retirement in 2000 as an international consultant from his home in Damascus, Oregon. John has worked in more than 30 basins including Alaska’s North Slope, China’s Tarim Basin, US and Mexican Gulf of Mexico areas, offshore Nigeria and northern South America. He has published papers on stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, geochemistry and depositional systems. John has been an AAPG Distinguished Lecturer and a Visiting Instructor at the University of Oregon.

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