John Dolson

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John Dolson

 is a Director and founder of DSP Geosciences and Associates, LLC. With partners George Pemberton (Edmonton, Alberta) and Keith Shanley (Denver, Colorado), DSP Geosciences provides a wide range of services from unconventional shale and oil gas evaluation to traditional basin analysis, play generation and peer assists/staff mentoring.

Dolson holds a B.A. in Natural Sciences from the Colorado College and a M.Sc. in Earth Science from Colorado State University.

His 28-year career with Amoco and BP culminated in Senior Exploration Advisor status and numerous company milestones, including Amoco’s worldwide technology excellence award in exploration, opening of the deep Oligocene play in the Nile Delta and technical oversight and training of TNK-BP’s exploration program in Russia. 

Mr. Dolson lived and worked internationally for 14 years in Egypt, London and Moscow and has experience in virtually all basin types and plays, and has worked extensively in the USA Rocky Mountain, Alaska and Mid-Continent plays. He speaks basic Russian and Spanish and since leaving BP has worked both globally and domestically with over 18 companies.

Mr. Dolson is also an adjunct professor at Royal Holloway University (London) and Colorado State University (USA) and has served as an advisor for Moscow State University and Tyumen University (Russia). 

For the AAPG he's served as Vice President (2006-07), a candidate for AAPG President (2010-11) and is a member of SEG, GSA and SPE. He holds twp Distinguished Public Service Awards (AAPG/RMAG), numerous best paper awards and was the senior author of ‘Exploring for Stratigraphic Traps’ in AAPG’s 1999Handbook of Exploration.

His passion is for education of the next generation of explorers and using 2D and 3D petroleum systems migration modeling and quantitative show and seal analysis to de-risk plays and prospects.

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