Reservoir Optimization for Times with Low Oil Prices

19 February 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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The technology that made new plays possible can now be used in many different ways to cut costs and increase recoverable reserves, all at very affordable costs per barrel, especially if the infrastructure is already in place. Using new technology and techniques can mean the difference between being able to continue to operate rather than having to shut in the well. It can also help combat decline curves, and recover oil from previously inaccessible fracture networks or other areas of enhanced porosity. Possessing new techniques for reservoir optimization can also help you evaluate properties for sale, and identify the ones that have overlooked potential.

Join us to learn about new techniques, workflows, and technologies to optimize shale plays and unconventionals, and to review case studies that include the Woodford, Mississippian Lime, and others.  In addition to presentations, we will have a core display of the Mississippian Lime, and also poster presentations on new technologies. 

Who Should Attend

This one-forum will be useful to geologists, engineers, geophysicists, and geochemists who will be able to apply the new knowledge to their operations and also to evaluating properties.


  • Fracture networks and characterization
  • Diagenesis:  Processes and patterns
  • Migration pathways and reservoir development
  • Pore characterization and implications
  • Geomechanical processes and implications on production
  • New drilling techniques for optimizing reservoirs
  • Geochemical insights: fingerprinting for targeting enriched zones
  • “Stranded pay” – the new target


    Preliminary Program


    3-D Integrated Workflow for Understanding the Fracture Interference and Its Impact into the Gas Production of the Woodford Shale, *Eva Peza, Devon; Erik Kvale, Devon 

    A New Approach to Modeling Production Decline in Unconventional Formations *Anthony Ogunyomi (Femi), University of Texas at Austin; Song Dong, University of Texas at Austin; Kabir Shah, Hess 

    Going Beyond the Tally Book: A Novel Method for Analysis, Prediction and Control of Directionally Drilled Wellbores using Mechanical Specific Energy, *Sam Noynaert, Texas A&M University

    Pitfalls in Prestack Inversion of Merged Seismic Surveys, *Sumit Verma, University of Oklahoma; Yoryenys Del Moro 

    A Practical Petrophysical Approach for Brittleness Prediction from Porosity and Sonic Logging in Shale Reservoirs: Case Studies from the Woodford, Barnett, and Granite Wash, with Applicability to the Eagle Ford., Xiaochun Jin, BP-America 

    A New Approach to Optimizing Recovery PRTISP Process, Harold Nikipelo, LifeView

    Finding the Fractures and Faults in the Mississippian Lime Play: Reservoir Optimization, Fluid Management, and Enhanced Recovery, Lynn Watney, Kansas Geological Society

    A Digital Rock Physics View of the Mississippian Lime, Joel Walls, InGrain

    Horizontal Mississippian Fracture Completions in Oklahoma and Kansas, Hap Pinkerton, Halliburton

    Using Granular Hydrocarbon Profiling to Augment Reservoir Understandings of Hydrocarbon Sources, Seals, Porosity, Water Saturation and Lateral Placement: an Eagle Ford Case Study, Rick Schrynemeekers, Amplified Geochemical Imaging, LLC

    Exploration Insight and Input that Changed Organizational Focus, Strategies and Economic Outcomes: Several Resource Play Examples, *Bill Fairhurst, Riverford Resources; Frank Reid

    Seismic Attribute Analysis and the Use of Unsupervised Neural Networks and Principal Component Analysis in Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs, Deborah Sacrey, Auburn Energy


    The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City
    The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City
    One Park Avenue
    Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73102
    United States
    No hotel blocks have been reserved for this one-day event.

    No Refunds for Cancellations After 22 January, 2015.

    Student Fee Limited to 10 Spots

    Includes workshop admission, program booklet (schedule, abstracts, presenter bios), workshop participant contact list, icebreaker cocktail reception, 1 lunch, 2 coffee breaks, 1 continental breakfast, sanitized PDFs of talks (with company permissions).


    Amy Amy Mahan Event Coordinator +1 918 560-9431
    Susan Susan Nash, Ph.D. Director of Education and Professional Development +1 918 560 2604
    Vicky Vicky Kroh Registrar, Education Department +1 918 560 2650 +1 918 560 2678

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