Modern Depositional Systems as Analogues for Petroleum Reservoirs

21-23 April 2015
Wellington, New Zealand

Make plans to attend an AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW) to be held in Wellington between April 21-23, 2015. The workshop will comprise four half-day sessions focused on broad depositional environment settings. The aim is to better understand modern depositional systems, and how they can help us to better interpret ancient petroleum reservoirs.

Each session will involve a keynote presentation, a series of selected presentations consistent with the session theme, and an interactive panel discussion. Planned sessions include:

  • Terrestrial settings and systems
  • Coastal and shallow marine settings and systems
  • Deep marine settings and systems
  • Application of modern depositional system analogues to petroleum exploration, appraisal and production

Subject to the level of interest, it is intended to hold a core workshop and a concurrent field excursion in the Wairarapa valley on the third day.

Who should attend?

Geoscience professionals engaged in exploration, appraisal, development and production of clastic oil and gas reservoirs; researchers and academics interested in sedimentary and petroleum geology; reservoir modellers.

Expressions of interest in participation in the workshop, including possible presentations consistent with one of the above themes, can be made to Adrienne Pereira. Potential authors can submit a 500-word abstract and a 100-word CV by 30 September 2014 for consideration by the technical committee.

Abstracts are submitted with the knowledge that speakers need to be present at the GTW. AAPG is not able to provide any financial aid to facilitate speaker travel. Speakers will need to register and pay for their attendance.

Details to be advised

Wellington, New Zealand
New Zealand

Details to be advised

Details to be advised

Sponsored By:


Dr. Mac Beggs New Zealand Oil and Gas (Convenor)
Dr. Cliff Atkins University of Wellington(NZ) School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences
Dr. Greg Browne GNS Science, NZ
Dr. Philip Barnes National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, NZ
Zoë Juniper New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals, NZ
Adrienne Pereira AAPG Asia Pacific Region Programs Manager
Adrienne Adrienne Pereira AAPG Asia Pacific Region Programs Manager

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