An AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop

Unconventionals Update

4-5 November 2014
Austin, Texas, United States

Join us to learn the latest technologies being successfully applied in the main unconventional plays, and how the knowledge can be applied to other plays. The presentations will cover the geochemical profiling, integrated 3D seismic, fracture characterization, geomechanics, reservoir architecture, pore evaluations, diagenesis, pore pressure, brittleness, and more that are used to explore for and develop unconventional reservoirs.

Participants will also learn about the integrated techniques (geology, geochemistry, geophysics, engineering) to create effective workflows, determine which kinds of tests and data need to be collected for effective exploration, infill drilling, increased density (and issues of fracture interference), stacked pay development, proppant and fluid selection (avoiding formation damage), reservoir characterization, workflows, and decision-making.

This two-day geosciences technology workshop focuses on the application of new understanding, technology, and techniques to optimize exploration, drilling, completions, and stimulation.

  • Pore architecture and organic porosity
  • Fractures (natural and induced)
  • Pore pressure
  • Temperatures
  • Reservoir fluids
  • Geochemical considerations: kerogen fingerprinting
  • Gas fingerprinting  
  • Thermal Maturity
  • 3D Seismic
  • Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Stacked pay potential
  • Well spacing and placement
  • Hydraulic fracture spacing
  • Adsorption, nano-flow and non-Darcy behavior  
  • Increasing stages, proppant selection & impact on decline curves
  • Proppant selection 
Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2014
7:00am-8:00am Pick-up Registration Materials and Continental Breakfast
Starting at 8:00am  
  Overview of Unconventional Plays, and Dramatic New Technologies for Improving Recovery, Susan Nash, AAPG
  Assessments of Undiscovered Continuous Natural Gas Resources in the Appalachian and Mesozoic Basins, Eastern U.S.A., Bob Milici, USGS
  Linking Stratigraphy, Rock Mechanics, and Completion Design in the Midland Basin Wolfcamp Tight Oil Play, Shane Prochnow, Chevron
10:00am Coffee Break
  Systematic Geomechanical Application for Unconventional Resource Development, *Queena Chou, Weatherford; Jordan Gao; Mehdi Noroozi; Chris Walsh; and Rete Singbeil
  Organic Geochemistry and Petrology of Laboratory-Generated Pyrobitumen for Unconventional Reservoir Characterization, *Andy Mort, Geological Survey of Canada and H. Sanei
12:00pm-1:00pm Networking Lunch
Starting at 1:00pm  
  LWD Azimuthal Resistivity Logging in Unconventional Formations, Paul Sinclair, CBG Corporation
  Porosity does Matter for Unconventional Plays: Rock Physics based Seismic Inversion in Eagle Ford Formation, Texas, *Hardeep Jaglan; Lev Nayvelt; Friso Brouwer and Shannon Bawa
3:00pm Coffee Break
  From the Borehole Image Log to Fracture Permeability and Fracturing Pressure—An Integrated Approach, *Bernd Ruehlicke, Eriksfiord Inc; Carsten Vahle
  Seismic Driven Sweet Spot Determination of a Shale Play - An Eagle Ford Example, *Joanne Wang, Paradigm, Ltd.; Duane Dopkin
  Diagenesis, Petrophysics and Reservoir Quality Models of the Montney Formation—A Major Siltstone Reservoir in Western Canada, *Noga Vaisblat, University of Alberta; Nicholas Harris; and John-Paul Zonneveld
5:00pm-7:00pm Icebreaker Reception
Wednesday, Nov. 05, 2014
7:30am-8:00am Continental Breakfast
Starting at 8:00am  
  Learning from Mining: Applications to Unconventional Reservoirs, Jon Noad, Husky Energy
  Emerging Technologies and the Future of Hydraulic Fracturing Design in Unconventional Gas and Tight Oil, Ernesto Fonseca, Shell International Exploration & Production
  Gas-Over-Bitumen Issues in the Alberta Oil Sands Region: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going, *Brad Gilmour, Bennett Jones LLP; Bennett Jones
10:00am Coffee Break
  Optimizing Placement of Laterals and Frac Stages Using Downhole Geochemical Logging – an Eagle Ford Case Study, Rick Schrynemeeckers, Amplified Geochemical Imaging, LLC
  The Relationship between Stimulation Mechanism and Sweet Spot Identification, Mark McClure, University of Texas at Austin
12:00pm-1:00pm Networking Lunch
Starting at 1:00pm  
  The Marble Falls Fractured Resource Play: Applying Modern Technology To Turn An Old Trend Into The Next Big Play, *Ulysses Hargrove, Newark E&P Operating; Craig Adams; Beau Berend; Mike Grace; and Mike Mullen
  Upper Cretaceous (Turonian-Cenomanian) Source Rack Characterization through Organic and Inorganic Geochemistry and Petrology, Application for Paleo-condition Reconstruction, *Somayeh Hosseininejad, University of Calgary; Ronald J. Spencer; Michelle P. B. Nicolas; and Per K. Pedersen
3:00pm Coffee Break
  Unconventional Multi-Variate Analysis: A Non-linear Review of the Most Relevant Unconventional Plays in the U.S., Roderick Perez, Drillinginfo
  Stranded Pay Between the Laterals: New Technology to Identify and Recover Gas and Oil, Susan Nash, AAPG

"*" denotes presenter

Norris Conference Center, Austin, TX
Norris Conference Center, Austin, TX
2525 W. Anderson Lane Suite 365
Austin Texas 78757
United States
(512) 451-5011
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Vicky Vicky Kroh Registrar, Education Department +1 918 560 2650 +1 918 560 2678
Susan Susan Nash, Ph.D. Director of Education and Professional Development +1 918 560 2604

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