Anatomy of a Visiting Geoscientist Visit

The visit may take place over one or more days. Schedules should be arranged by the university and the speaker working together. Suggested itinerary items are:

  • An introductory meeting with the head of the geology department, dean of the college, and other administrators.
  • A presentation on geoscience careers to a combined group of students and professors, followed by a question and answer session–colleges and universities are encouraged to open this presentation to other departments and the community.
  • A technical talk or short course, if desired.
  • An open meeting with small groups and faculty members and/or tour of classroom laboratory, and library facilities.
  • An interview with local and campus news media.
  • A final luncheon or wrap-up session with faculty members.

You may wish to consider asking the VG to present the career talk a second time during the visit, either in a first or second year regularly scheduled geology class. This may help students in the formative period of selecting a major decide about a career in geoscience. The informal discussion between the VG and students has received the highest rating in program evaluations.

We suggest that, if possible, the VG be provided a private office in the geology department so students may drop by for discussions.

Arranging for a Visiting Geoscientist
  • The VG speakers are listed alphabetically and can be filtered by their name and the region of their specific travel ranges on the VGs Available page.
  • A sampling of titles which some VGs have provided is also provided for additional assistance in selecting a speaker. Please consider travel restrictions for each speaker when making a selection.

For your convenience in requesting a speaker, an online request form is provided. Please provide alternate choices for your desired speaker, in case of conflicts.

When the request is received, AAPG will contact the specified VG to determine availability. Response to the university and confirmation of dates will be made by AAPG or directly by the geoscientist. Final details such as date, time, duration of visit and specific subject areas of discussion will be arranged directly between the VG and the university professor. After the visit date is confirmed, evaluation forms will be furnished to the university and to the speaker so that both may evaluate the program immediately following the visit.

Under no circumstances is this program designed to provide free speakers for unstructured visits or guest lectures. Universities are asked to provide a proposed schedule along the guidelines outlined here before confirmation of the visit is made. The university's request and all arrangements for the visit should be made by a professor on the university faculty.

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