Some speakers tailor their talks to meet the needs of individual schools, so titles listed are subject to change and are provided as a sample. This list does not represent all talks available nor does it include every VG available, so please refer to individual bios, topics of lectures or contact us to discuss your options.

Adeolu O. Aderoju
Nadeem Ahmad
Pedro Alarcon
Amdad Ali
Conrad Allen
Cesar Ardiles
Heba Askar
Richard Ball
Mohamed Abdel Basset
Lee T. Billingsley
Bill Bosworth
Michael D. Campbell
Cat Campbell
Raffaele Di Cuia
Janine Helmich
Sameh Hussein
Sochi Iwuoha
Jess Kozman
Peter Lloyd
Evelyn Medvin
Rusty Riese
Mario Schiuma
Ariel Schiuma
Fred W. Schroeder
Joe Versfelt
Bradley Winton
Malleswara Yenugu