Gerald "Gerry" Calhoun

Gerald "Gerry" Calhoun

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Gerry Calhoun was born in the Oklahoma oilfields in 1933. During WWII he pumped two wells off of his bike. He met young men from all over the Middle East and South America while preparing for OU. His summers were spent roughnecking, dressing tools, driving “everything Halliburton owned.” His career was launched at Humble where Gerry spent a year surface mapping. After three years in the Air Force ROTC he joined Texaco in Oklahoma City, later transferring to Midland, Texas where he made two nice discoveries. After retiring early in 1986 he started at New Paradigm Exploration as a surface geochemist consultant.

Gerry has written numerous articles for the Oil and Gas Journal and has taught short courses on energy and climate for Vanderbilt University.

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