Forum a new teaching environment for AAPG. The Forum goal is to maximize knowledge transfer by encouraging lively interaction and thoughtful consideration of experts' findings, experience, and insights. Practicing experts provide in-depth presentations on topics that have immediate bearing on success in exploration, development, and operations.

Alberta Canada 31 March, 2015 31 March, 2015 10340
Alberta, Canada
31 March 2015
The Canadian Playmakers Forum of experts and experienced playmakers will help: geoscientists, landmen, engineers, and explorers to gain improved understanding of scientific and commercial requirements for successful prospect generation and development of oil and gas assets; provide improved interaction with the public and landholders; ensure the highest degree of professionalism and ethics in their professional activities.
Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States 12 May, 2015 12 May, 2015 16452
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
12 May 2015

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