Summer Education Conference

16-20 June 2014
Aurora, Colorado, United States


  • Four concurrent sessions to mix and match according to your interests and training needs
  • Lunch Buffet and refreshments included each day
  • Course notes
  • Course Roster: Courses may be purchased individually. These individual prices are reflected in the pricing on the course descriptions.
  • CEU’s for each course

Course notes will be provided in digital format on CD only, so laptops with CD drives are required for all courses.  If you do not have access to a laptop computer with a CD drive, please contact the AAPG Education Dept. for an alternate method to download the digital course notes.

    June 16
    June 17
    June 18
    June 19
    June 20
Applied Petroleum Systems for Reservoir Modeling: Finding the Sweet-Spots in Unconventional Reservoirs  

The focus of this class is learning to identify reservoir sweet-spots.

Applied Seismic Geomorphology and Seismic Stratigraphy - Extracting Geologic Insights from 2D and 3D Seismic Data  

This course is designed to enhance interpretation skill sets with regard to geologic interpretation of seismic data.

Basic Seismic Interpretation  

The course consists of lectures on fundamental topics including basics of petroleum geology, seismic response, velocity, resolution, seismic migration, seismic correlation and mapping techniques, and quantified interpretation.

Basic Tools for Mudrock Exploration  

This short course will demonstrate which tools, processes, and procedures all geoscientists, engineers, and technical professionals working in shale plays need to understand and implement.

Exploration and Development in the Mississippian System  

This 1-day course will include an introduction to many of the facets of the Mississippian Play, including stratigraphy, tectonics, depositional setting, drilling statistics, plays and subplays and analogs to other plays.

Fundamentals of Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy  

The course will cover the full range of topics needed to develop a foundational understanding of siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy and to apply this skill to practical reservoir interpretation.

Getting Started in Fluvial Stratigraphy  

The course will cover the full range of topics needed to identify, correlate, and interpret fluvial reservoirs and encasing non-reservoir units.

Reservoir Engineering for Petroleum Geologists  

The course is designed for personnel who wish to acquire a broad understanding of the factors that influence the production of oil and gas from reservoirs.

Risk and Uncertainty for Contemporary Prospect Evaluations  

The course combines lectures, open discussion, and exercises to illustrate the assessment of a typical “modern” prospect.

Risk Reduction for Plays and Prospects  

Using multiple tools, participants will learn to look at SW and oil show information quantitatively to determine position in a trap, paleostructural accumulation or migration pathway.

RQ Toolkit: Using Rock Data for Reservoir Quality Assessment  

This course is designed to provide a general background in optimized reservoir quality assessment using rock data (core, SWC, cuttings, outcrops).

Subsurface Contouring: The Secrets to Optimizing Your Maps for Oil & Gas Exploration  

Primarily a contouring workshop, this course provides a fundamental understanding of hand and computer contouring methods, including Single Surface, Multi-Surface, Intersecting Surfaces and Faulted Surface maps.

The Petroleum System: An Investigative Method to Explore for Conventional and Unconventional Hydrocarbons  

Learn how the petroleum system concept reduces risk through systematic investigation of hydrocarbon fluid movement from active source rock to conventional or unconventional accumulation.

The Summit Event Center
The Summit Event Center
411 Sable Blvd
Aurora Colorado 80011
United States
Expires on
18 May, 2014
Early Member Tuition
Expires on
20 June, 2014
Member Tuition
Expires on
18 May, 2014
Early Nonmember Tuition
Expires on
20 June, 2014
Nonmember Tuition

Last date for cancellation with a refund is May 19, 2014. No refunds AFTER May 19, 2014. Five-day full-week badges can be transferred to a friend or colleague if you can’t attend all five days. Courses also individually priced if you can’t come for the full week.

Richard Banks Scientific Computer Applications, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Lindell Lindell Bridges EQT Production, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Daniel Carruthers Landmark Graphics Corporation
John John Dolson DSP Geosciences and Associates, LLC
Richard Richard Green Independent Consultant
Donald Donald Herron Independent Geophysical Consultant
John M. John M. Holbrook Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas USA
Leslie B. Leslie B. Magoon Stanford University, USA
Darrel Darrel Norman GeoKnowledge, LaGrange, Georgia
Henry W. Henry W. Posamentier Chevron Energy Technology Company, Houston, Texas, USA
Lynn Lynn Watney Kansas Geological Survey at the University of Kansas, USA
Robert C. Robert C. Wegner Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA
Joann E. Joann E. Welton Houston, Texas, USA
Jeffrey M. Jeffrey M. Yarus Landmark Graphics, Inc., Houston, Texas, USA
Vicky Kroh Registrar +1 918 560-2650
Debbi Debbi Boonstra Education Coordinator +1 918 560-2630

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