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Energy Minerals Division Awards

EMD Distinguished Founder’s Award

A Best Poster Award is awarded to the author(s) of the best poster presentation in any EMD-sponsored session at an AAPG annual meeting. It is an 8x10 wood plaque embossed bearing the author’s name and title of the poster and the date or meeting at which it was presented. This award is not open to nominations from the EMD membership.



Donald F. Towse


Gretchen K. Hoffman

Samuel Arthur Friedman


Ruffin Isbelle Rackley

Robert L. Fuchs

William L Chenoweth


Donald W. Axford

Siegfried Joseph Muessig, PhD

Harry L. Thomsen

Warren H. Westphal

William R. Moran

Loyd Adolph Carlson


John Alvin Pederson

Hollis M. Dole


Thomas C. Hiestand


EMD Awards

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