The Best Student Oral Presentation Award is given each year at the Annual Convention of the Association in recognition of the best student paper presented at the previous years’ annual convention.



Miles Frazer

Mohammed Ahmed Al Duhailan

Tricia G. Alvarez

Patrick Ryan Boyle


Stephen Holtkamp

Michael Zeller

Courtney Anita Kolesar

Robert Jeffrey Heller


Kelly Nicole Hillbun

Magdalena Rose Osburn

Eugene Szymanski

Gavin Henry Graham


Anjali Mary Fernandes

Danica Dralus

Xavier Eduardo Refunjol

Justin Dedric MacDonald


Lisa Elizabeth Stright

Supratik Sarkar

Thomas Paul Ward

Olav Antonio Blaich


Beatriz Garcia-Fresca

Ilja De Winter

Trevor M. Stroker


Andrew L. Petter

Enzo Sener Aconcha


Ned Frost, III

Ted Eric Playton

Elizabeth Ann Hajek


Simon Higgins

Markus Mohr


Anna-Jayne Zachariah

Stephanie Germaine Thomas

Nicolas John Huerta


David Richard Pyles

Jonathan Patrick Allen

Leonel Augusto Gomez

Luz Sophia Cobos


Bryn E. Clark

David M. Dutton

Jonathan L. Payne


Victor Alexandru Pusca

Tiffany Lynn Hopkins

Michael Raphael Bruemmer

Min Xu


Shannon Cheree Stover

Russell Spears

Roger Neal Wagerle


Victor Owen

Mark E. Deptuck

Denise Nora Hodder

Tobias Payenberg


Aileen Elizabeth McLeod


Bradley David Ritts

Todd J. Greene


Derek Sjostrom


The recipient of the Award is not required to be an AAPG Member, or a member of a Student Chapter. However, the work presented must have been done while the presenter was/is a student.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

The best student oral presentation falls under the responsibility of the Matson Award Committee Chairman, who is appointed by the Convention General Chairman. The Matson Award Committee Chairman chooses a group of judges who select the winning student oral paper according to the quality of scientific content and excellence of presentation. These results are compiled by the Student Chapter Committee, and the award is presented by the Committee to the Student recipient.


The Committee’s decision is conveyed to the Student Chapter Committee following the AAPG annual convention.

Description of Award

The Best Student Paper Award is strictly a cash award, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receiving $1,500, $1000, and $500 respectively, and their universities receiving a matching award. No plaques or certificates are awarded. Ten of the accepted presenters are selected to also receive $250 travel stipends. All student presenters receive a $25 Bookstore Gift Certificate.


These awards are funded each year through an annual contribution from Shell to the AAPG Foundation. In 2006 Shell increased the total amount of award funds, which now allows for ten $250 travel stipends to be awarded in addition to the prize monies.


Funding is not permanent for both awards and is currently received through an annual sponsorship provided by Shell. Funding is not provided by the AAPG Foundation.