The Pioneer Award is given to longstanding members who have contributed to the Association and who have made meaningful and significant contributions to the science of geology and have not received other awards but are deserving of recognition.
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The candidate must have been a Member of the Association for not less than 35 years (need not be contiguous membership) and be a member in good standing at the time of receipt of the award. The candidate shall not have received an award or be a current candidate for an award from the Association prior to receiving the Pioneer Award. The candidate must be living at the time of selection and, if at all possible, be present for the presentation of the award. If death of the recipient occurs after selection, the plaque will be awarded posthumously. No more than two awards shall be given each year. In addition, granting of this award in any year is discretionary.

Procedure for Recommendation

Nominations for this award should be submitted, along with proper documentation, to the Chairman of the Honors and Awards Committee at Association Headquarters. The Committee's recommendation will be submitted to the Advisory Council, which in turn will submit its selection to the Executive Committee for final action.

Description of Award

This award consists of a plaque bearing the recipient’s name, including the date and place to be presented with citation “long and valued service to AAPG”.


This award was first proposed by the Advisory Council in 1996. Approval was given by the Executive Committee on October 2, 1996.

Pioneer Award
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