Honorary Member is bestowed upon persons who have distinguished themselves by their service and devotion to the science and profession of petroleum geology and to the Association. By Executive Committee action, this has been designated AAPG’s third most distinguished award. It is customary, but not mandatory, to make one or more awards each year.



This honor is restricted to Association members.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

Candidates for Honorary Member Award should have distinguished themselves in service to petroleum geology and to the Association. Contributions to the science and profession of petroleum geology may be in particular areas or combinations of discovery thinking, application, exploration leadership, research, etc. Distinguished service to the petroleum industry may have brought favorable reflection on both the geologic profession and the Association.

Procedure for Recommendation

Nominations for this award should be submitted, along with documentation, to the Chairman of the Honors and Awards Committee at Association Headquarters. The Committee’s recommendations will be submitted to the Advisory Council, which in turn will submit its selection to the Executive Committee for final action.

Description of Award

This award is a walnut chest. When opened, the right panel displays the AAPG emblem. Beneath the emblem is a plate bearing the recipients name, the designation “AAPG Honorary Member,” and the year awarded. The left panel has a plate bearing the signed citation.


The award of Honorary Member was established in 1919. It was elevated to third honors position and given “medal” status by Executive Committee action in 1974. The medal bore the AAPG seal on the obverse side, with the recipient’s name, the designation “AAPG Honorary Member,” and the year awarded on the reverse side. It was worn on a neck ribbon assembly. In 1982, the Executive Committee approved changing the award to a walnut chest containing the appropriate presentation data.


The AAPG provides funding for the Honorary Member Award.

Honorary Member Award
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