The Grover E. Murray Memorial Distinguished Educator Award is given in recognition of distinguished and outstanding contributions to geological education. Only one award is to be given per year unless funding is approved by the Executive Committee when the award slate is approved. Contributions leading to consideration for this award will most often involve the teaching and counseling of students at the university level, and contributions to the education of the public, and management of educational programs may also be recognized.



Donald R. LoweCharles KeransJoseph Albert CartwrightGregor Paul Eberli


Carlton E. BrettJohn R. Underhill


Andrew Hurst, PhDHoward David Johnson, PhD


Lawrence Daniel MeckelRonald J. Steel


Wayne Merrill Ahr, PhDEric Allan ErslevMurray Gingras


Finn SurlykJ. Frederick Read


S. George PembertonRobert Stephen Gray


A. Eugene FritscheStephan Alan Graham, PhDJanok P. Bhattacharya


John Edward Warme, PhDG. Randy KellerBrian Edward LockRoger M. Slatt, PhD


Paul WeimerFred Franke MeissnerAureal T. Cross


Edward Carl Roy, Jr.William Edmond GallowayKnut O. BjorlykkeAndrew D. Miall


Albert V. CarozziFrank Gulde Ethridge


Zuhair Al-ShaiebWilliam R. MuehlbergerPaul Edwin Potter


Charles R. StelkJohn W. HarbaughClyde Herbert Moore, Jr.


Ernest A. ManciniJohn D. HaunRobert Raymond Berg, PhD


Roger Geoffrey Walker, PhDD. L. Blackstone, Jr.Peter Robbins Vail, PhD


Lloyd Charles PrayStephen Gerrard Middleton


Robert L. FolkGeorge B. AsquithHarold Garnar Reading


L. L. SlossRobert J. WeimerGerald Manfred Friedman, PhD


James Lee Wilson


The recipient need not be a Member of the Association, and consideration is to be made without regard for national origin. The recipient must be living at the time of selection and be willing to be present to receive the award at the time and place designated by the Executive Committee. If death of the recipient occurs after

selection, the medal will be awarded posthumously. The award is made at such times as the Executive Committee may designate, at the recommendation of the Advisory Council, but not more than once in any calendar year unless funding is also approved by the Executive Committee when it approves the award slate.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

Consideration should emphasize contributions to the teaching of students, guidance of student research, research and scientific publications, university and community activities, and involvement in the activities of scientific/professional organizations.

Procedure for Recommendation

Nominations for this award should be submitted, along with documentation, to the Chairman of the Honors and Awards Committee at Association Headquarters. All nominations become part of a permanent file for future consideration and need not be resubmitted, but additional information may be submitted at any time. The Committee’s recommendations will be submitted to the Advisory Council, which in turn will submit its selection to the Executive Committee for final action.

Description of Award

This award consists of an oak double shadow box. The right panel displays a sterling silver medallion specifically designed for this award. The double-faced medallion is removable and bears the name of the recipient and date of the award. The left panel displays an AAPG medallion and a plate containing the citation.


This award was first proposed by Dr. Grover E. Murray in a letter to then President Harrison L. Townes, dated May 19, 1993. In the letter, Dr. and Mrs. Murray agreed to provide funding to support the award, if approved. Approval was given by the Executive Committee on June 30, 1993.

Distinguished Educator Award
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