Ryan Lemiski


Ryan Lemiski hails from The City of Champions, otherwise known as Edmonton, Alberta. An avid ice hockey and football player, Ryan's dream of playing professional sport was… a complete failure. It wasn't until his second year of undergraduate studies that he found his true calling: geoscience.

Ryan obtained his Master of Science degree at the University of Alberta in 2009. His thesis work focused on the impacts of biogenic fabrics on the reservoir properties of low-permeability strata. After graduation Ryan moved to the great white north (literally!) where he spent a year working as a petroleum geologist at the Northwest Territories Geoscience Office in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. In June 2011, Ryan relocated to Calgary, Alberta, where he now works as an exploration geologist for Talisman Energy Inc.

In the past Ryan competed in the Imperial Barrel Award global finals in San Antonio, Texas, served as Canada Region Chair on the Student Chapters Committee, and was the president of the University of Alberta Student Chapter. His current roles include Chair of the Canada Region IBA Committee, member of the Rules and Procedures Committee for the House of Delegates, and Delegate representative for the Canada Region.

Most recently, Ryan had the opportunity to take part in the "Subway Challenge" during an Edmonton Eskimo football match. Dressed as the bottom half of a sandwich, Ryan was victorious. He was awarded $50 worth of Subway gift cards for his efforts.

Ryan encourages all Young Professionals (particularly in the Canada Region) to become more active with AAPG. Tremendous opportunities exist for the technical and professional development of young volunteers. Don't hesitate to contact Ryan for ways you can get involved!

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