Shannon Chereé Stover

Shannon Chereé

Shannon Chereé Stover joined BP in 2001, after a four-year career as a hydrologist with Arthur D. Little, followed by graduate school. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, a Master’s degree from the U.of Washington and a PhD from the U. of Colorado, all in Geology.. During her first three years with BP, Chereé’s primary role was petroleum systems analysis in Exploration, focusing on such areas as Colombia, Black Sea, Sakhalin, and Brasil. In London from 2004-2007, Chereé was a petroleum systems analyst working South Asia, South Atlantic and the Arctic. She then spent two years as an Executive Assistant/ Bag Carrier to BP’s COO of Exploration, a time when she not only gained way too much experience reading Finance Memorandums, but also gave birth to her daughter and travelled to some rather odd and sundry locations. Chereé moved to the North Africa business in 2009, and was the Algeria Subsurface and Resource Manager and gave birth to her son. In 2011, Chereé became the Exploration Manager for Southern Australia, and in 2013 moved into a global VP/ Director role for Conventional Resource Appraisal. She has also been involved in the creation and teaching of BP’s Petroleum Systems courses and initiated the development of the first Women in EAGE group in 2013.

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