Denise Cox

Childhood ambitions:
To explore
My Career
SUNY Binghamton 1980; University of Colorado 1985
Companies and Institutions I’ve worked for:
My first geo-job/internship was sitting wells for the USGS in the San Juan Basin for a 9 well stratigraphic drilling program for Uranium. My first career job was with Marathon Oil, Denver Research Center. Since then, I’ve worked for iReservoir, Vecta Oil and Gas and am currently working for Storm Energy, Panama City, FL.
Basins I’ve worked:
Permian Basin; East Texas; Powder River Basin; San Juan Basin; Appalachian Basin; UK/Scotland/Western Europe Carboniferous Basins; High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Years in the petroleum business:
My Pathway
First Well/Research Program:
Yates Field, TX cored development well
My Geo-Specialties:
Carbonates, fractured reservoirs, coal gas, shale gas
My fondest career memory or proudest moment:
My fondest career memory is standing my ground to de-water a well in a fractured reservoir and see it come on with 100% oil cut. My proudest moment is setting up an AAPG Foundation Grants-in-Aid scholarship to Honor my family.
My Inspiration
My inspiration and motivation comes from:
People who love what they do.
My most memorable idols/mentors:
Too many to mention, but a special note of thank you to Susan Landon who, as a visiting geoscientist, inspired me to work in the petroleum industry
My Impact
AAPG member since:
AAPG committees:
Society Affiliations:
PROWESS, Student Focus, Grants-in-Aid, Academic Liaison, Student Chapters, Student Expo, YEA, Imperial Barrel, Education, International Liaison, Visiting Geoscientist.

Bachelor’s from SUNY Binghamton and Masters from University of Colorado
Currently employed with Storm Energy

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