Anthony Grindrod

Childhood ambitions:
To travel the World – see as many countries as possible
My Career
University of Newcastle upon Tyne UK, Berkeley, Stanford
Companies and Institutions I’ve worked for:
My first geo-job/internship was at the National Coal Board UK. I started my career job with Shell. Since then, I’ve worked for Shell + Joint Ventures, NAM, JAPEC, Kestrel Data Management, Actis Geoscience, Scottsdale Asset Management, Calabasas Oil and Gas, Topanga Oil Properties, Selsdon Logistics, Scottsdale Asset Management. I am currently retired.
Basins I’ve worked:
North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, NW Australia, Middle East, W Texas, Los Angeles Basin
Years in the petroleum business:
My Pathway
First Well/Research Program:
Brent North Sea
My Geo-Specialties:
Petrophysics, Clastic Reservoirs, Management, Recruiting, Training
My fondest career memory or proudest moment:
My fondest memory was finding big oil fields in Australia. My proudest moment was hearing Martin Luther King speak during his Honors degree award at my University in 1967, then I guess meeting Denise Cox!!!!
My Inspiration
My inspiration and motivation comes from:
Sir Garfield Sobers (West Indies Cricketer)
My most memorable idols/mentors:
Bob Stoneley (BP), Harold Reading (Oxford) Stan Pittman (Dallas), Arnold Bouma, Steve Veal, many, many AAPG members
My Impact
AAPG member since:
AAPG committees:
PROWESS, Education Comm (since 1988 ) International Liaison Committee (founder member ), Academic Liaison Comm, Student Chapters, Grants in Aid, House of Delegates since 1980
Society Affiliations:
AAPG, SEG, EAGE, PESGB, Energy Institute, Geological Society of London

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