Vlastimila Dvorakova

Childhood ambition:
To be a tropical biologist
My Career
Charles University, Applied Geophysics
Companies and Institutions I've worked for:
Geofyzika state company Brno, the Czech Republic
KAPPA Ltd., independent consulting company, Brno, the Czech Republic
GeoGas Plc., the Czech Republic
Duke Engineering and Services Inc., the Czech Republic, offices in France, UK, headquarters in Charlotte, NC
Czech Geological Survey, the Czech Republic – present
Basins I have worked:
Vienna Basin, Eastern Slovakian Basin, Carpathian Foredeep, Pannonian Basin, Black Sea, Sirte Basin, Silesian Basin, Czech Massif
Years of Experience in the Petroleum Industry:
28, also in basic and applied geoscience - geophysics and petrophysics and consulting
My Pathway
First Well/Research Program:
Vienna basin – petrophysical properties and accoustic well logs on deep wells in Vienna Basin
My Geo-Specialties:
My fondest career memory or proudest moment:
To be recognized as a woman in geoscience who is knows by people on the street because of TV interviews given
My lifetime career goal:
Always find and continue to achieve the best I can in geoscience
My Inspiration
My inspiration and motivation comes from:
Some of my colleague I admire for their work and achievements and challenges to start some new projects I was not even thinking they might happen
My most memorable idols/mentors:
Charles Darwin and Leonardo da Vinci (a biologist and an artist and a scientist)
My Impact
AAPG member since:
AAPG committees:
Secretary/Treasurer European Region (2006- 2009); House of Delegates - European Region; PROWES - AAPG's Professional Women in Earth Sciences Committee, co-Team Leader for the PROWESS Awards and Nominations Committee; Distinguished Lecture Program Subcommittee - European Region, Member; ER Council – President European region
Society Affiliations:
My Best Advice:
Work hard and be yourself, the recognition will come…

Master’s and Doctorate from Charles University
Currently employed with Czech Geological Survey

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