Nomination and Election Committee-HoD

The Nomination and Election Committee shall consist of one (1) member from each Region and Section with not less than seven hundred and fifty (750) members and one (1) additional member from each Region and Section with more than five thousand (5,000) members. The members including a Chair shall be appointed for one (1) year terms. This committee will present to the annual meeting of the House a slate or slates of two (2) nominees for each of the officers to be elected by the House. The slate or slates with factual background data concerning each candidate shall be given to the Chair of the House of Delegates by September 30th of each year for publication in The Delegates'Voice. In addition to the above duties, the Nomination and Election Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the election at the annual meeting. This shall consist of the distribution, collection, counting and reporting the results of the balloting pertaining to the election of officers. No member of the Nomination and Election Committee, while serving on that Committee, shall be considered for nomination as a House of Delegates officer. Each year the Committee shall submit a confidential report to the Chair-Elect listing each individual considered that year for nomination by the Committee but who was unavailable or ineligible for nomination, and the names of people not recommended for nomination. The report shall be provided by the Chair-Elect, upon his or her becoming Chair, to the Nomination and Election Committee serving during his or her term of office; provided, however, that the report shall at all times be kept confidential.

David Jacob Entzminger David Jacob Entzminger Chair 2014-2015
Donald G. Burdick MEMBER 2014-2015 Panther Energy
Dallas Brogdon Dunlap MEMBER 2014-2015 Bureau of Economic Geology
Lisa Karen Goetz MEMBER 2014-2015 Marathon Oil Company
Anne Catherine Hargreaves MEMBER 2014-2015
Sigrunn Johnsen MEMBER 2014-2015
Hannes Edmund Leetaru MEMBER 2014-2015 Illinois State Geol.Surv
Robert G. Lindblom MEMBER 2014-2015 Petroleum Consultant
John Clay Lorenz MEMBER 2014-2015 FractureStudies LLC