Newsletter Committee-HoD

The Newsletter Committee shall consist of not less than two (2) nor more than six (6) members, including a Chair. The Chair shall be the Secretary/ Editor of the House of Delegates who shall be responsible for the timely performance of all Newsletter Committee business and who shall serve as editor of the newsletter. The Secretary/ Editor shall suggest to the Chair of the House of Delegates persons to be appointed as the other member or members of the committee. At the discretion of the Chair of the House of Delegates, the Newsletter Committee shall publish from two (2) to six (6) newsletter issues in each fiscal year of AAPG.

Kristie Leigh Luchtel Ferguson Kristie Leigh Luchtel Ferguson Chair 2016-2017 KLF Geological Consulting, LLC
Joel A. Alberts Committee Member 2016-2017
Patrick James Gooding Committee Member 2016-2017 University of Kentucky/Kentucky Geological Survey


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