Resolutions Committee-HoD

The Resolutions Committee shall consist of seven (7) members including a Chair, who shall serve staggered two (2) year terms. This Committee shall report to the House of Delegates at the annual meeting their recommendations concerning all advance petitions, resolutions, or motions offered by Delegates, Affiliated Societies, or by charge from the Chair of the House. They shall not be required to review resolutions on proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws and Rules and Procedures.

The Resolutions Committee shall be responsible for directing any required "Disaffiliation" procedures of an inactive U.S.Affiliated Society under the following Authority and process:

  1. If an Affiliated Society fails to send a representative to the HoD Annual meeting for two consecutive years, the Chair of HoD shall inform the Resolutions Committee Chair. The Resolutions Committee shall then attempt to contact the leadership and members of that Society to encourage participation and to determine if the Society is inactive.
  2. If after 6 months from the initial contact effort by the Resolutions Committee, the Committee finds that no progress is being made to reactivate the Society, the Committee shall inform the Chair of the HoD. Then the Chair of HoD shall send three personal letters, (1) to the Affiliated Society to encourage its participation, (2) to the appropriate Section President to request its involvement, and (3) to the members within the jurisdiction of that Society to advise them that they are not represented and to invite their attention to this matter.
  3. If a third annual meeting occurs without a representative delegate, then a letter from the Committee shall be sent to the members of the Affiliate Society requesting that they elect to affiliate with a nearby active society within 6 months, orAAPG Headquarters shall automatically assign them to a nearby active society. The original Society shall then be placed in "INACTIVE" stat
  4. If after 2 years the Society remains in "INACTIVE" status, a resolution shall be proposed to the HoD by this Committee to "Disaffiliate" the Society.
Ryan Thomas Lemiski Ryan Thomas Lemiski Chair 2014-2015 Nexen Inc
Gustavo Jose Carstens MEMBER 2013-2015 Independent Consultant
Helen Cromie MEMBER 2013-2015 Maersk Oil
Robert Howard Gillespie, Jr. MEMBER 2013-2015 Western Michigan University
Priscilla C. Grew MEMBER 2014-2016 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sharon M. Sartain MEMBER 2013-2015 Consultant
Roy Leland Yates MEMBER 2013-2015 MD America Energy, LLC