Visiting Geoscientist Program Committee

The function of the Committee on Visiting Geoscientist Program is to provide college and university students worldwide a balanced picture of geosciences in the petroleum, energy minerals, and environmental industries; provide information about careers in the geosciences; present a positive image of a geoscience professional; and encourage geoscience career options for young scientists of high caliber. These goals will be achieved through direct student contact during college and university visits by active geoscientists. To maintain active status as a VG, each committee member must complete at least one visit per fiscal year. This program is funded through the generosity of the Visiting Geoscientists, their companies, the AAPG Foundation and AAPG.

Robbie Rice Gries Robbie Rice Gries Co-Chair 2014-2018 Priority Oil & Gas LLC
Andras Nemeth Andras Nemeth Co-Chair 2011-2017 MOL Plc.
Samuel Olusegun Akande Samuel Olusegun Akande Africa Coordinator 2014-2017 University of Ilorin
Sa'id A. Al-Hajri Sa'id A. Al-Hajri Middle East Coordinator 2014-2017 Saudi Aramco
David C. Blanchard David C. Blanchard Africa-Northern Coordinator 2014-2017 DB Global Energy Consultants, LLC
Janos Csizmeg Janos Csizmeg Europe-East Coordinator 2015-2018 Vermilion Energy Central&Eastern Europe
Herman Darman Herman Darman Asia Pacific Coordinator 2014-2017 PT Eksindo Pratama
Douglas Vincent Davis, Jr. Douglas Vincent Davis, Jr. Mid-Continent Coordinator 2014-2017 D-EX Production Co.
Dallas Brogdon Dunlap Dallas Brogdon Dunlap Gulf Coast Coordinator 2016-2019 Bureau of Economic Geology
Jean C. Hsieh Jean C. Hsieh Canada Coordinator 2016-2019 Repsol
Laura Ann Mauro Johnson Laura Ann Mauro Johnson Rocky Mountain Coordinator 2015-2018 Anschutz Exploration Corporation
Michelle Judson Michelle Judson Pacific Section Coordinator 2014-2017
Noelle Joy Purcell Noelle Joy Purcell Gulf Coast Coordinator 2016-2017 Shell
Dwandari Ralanarko Dwandari Ralanarko Asia Pacific Coordinator 2015-2018 CNOOC Southeast Asia
Lauren Patrice Storm Lauren Patrice Storm Southwest Coordinator 2016-2019 EOG Resources
Ione L. Taylor Ione L. Taylor Eastern Section Coordinator 2014-2017 Queen's University
Ricardo Daniel Vargas Ricardo Daniel Vargas Latin America Coordinator 2016-2019 Perenco Oil and Gas Colombia Limited
Andrew Zolnai Andrew Zolnai Europe-West Coordinator 2016-2019 Sole Proprietorship
Charles Alan Sternbach Charles Alan Sternbach Executive Committee Liaison 2016-2017 Star Creek Energy Company Inc
Natasha Marie Rigg Natasha Marie Rigg Committee Manager 2015-2018
Katie McElhaney Katie McElhaney Staff Liaison 2017-2099 AAPG
Susie Nolen Susie Nolen Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG Administration and Programs
Piotr Krzywiec 2014-2017 Institute of Geol. Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
Emily Amber Fisher Committee Member 2014-2017 Aera Energy LLC
Plamen Nikolov Ganev Committee Member 2011-2017 Aera Energy LLC

Historical Information

Committee Reports

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