Student Expo Committee

Provide support for various Student Job Expos. The committee should contain members from all areas that provide Student Expos in order to share best practices. Communicate news about Student Expos to Chair of AAPG Corporate Advisory Committee.

Fernando Enrique Ziegler Fernando Enrique Ziegler Chair 2015-2018 ppfg Consulting, LLC
Martha Lou Broussard Martha Lou Broussard Vice Chair 1999-2017
Charles Alan Sternbach Charles Alan Sternbach Executive Committee Liaison 2004-2017 Star Creek Energy Company Inc
Natasha Marie Rigg Natasha Marie Rigg Committee Manager 2015-2018
Rituparna Basu Committee Member 2008-2017
George Robert Bole Committee Member 2002-2017
Sushanta Bose Committee Member 2008-2017
Li Chang Committee Member 2014-2017
Sarah Lois Dean Committee Member 2011-2017
Monica Erdman Committee Member 2014-2017
Francesca Fazzari Committee Member 2005-2017 Chevron
Luke Kenneth Francis Committee Member 2011-2017
Carley Marie Freer Committee Member 2008-2017 IHS Inc
Pankaj Khanna Committee Member 2014-2017 Rice University
Robyn Melissa Marchand Committee Member 2008-2017 Marathon OIl
Jacob E. Siegel Committee Member 2011-2017 BP
Benjamin Sidney Slotnick Committee Member 2011-2017
Elsa Elena Velasco Committee Member 2011-2017 SEG
Harsh Vora Committee Member 2014-2017 Rice University