Sections Committee

The primary purpose of the Committee is to share information and strategies about the organization and conduct of a successful annual meeting, symposium or other meeting at the Section or local society level. Sections will be encouraged to adopt a business plan. The committee will help identify candidates for AAPG office and awards.

Steven Schamel Steven Schamel Chair 2012-2015 GeoX Consulting Inc
Carol Cain McGowen Carol Cain McGowen Staff Liaison 2006-2015 American Association of Petr. Geologists
Donald G. Burdick Donald G. Burdick Mid-Continent President 2013-2015 Panther Energy
Suzanne Cluff Suzanne Cluff Rocky Mountain President 2014-2015 The Discovery Group Inc
Joan E. Crockett Joan E. Crockett Eastern President 2014-2015 Illinois State Geol. Survey
Jeffery Wayne Ritchie Jeffery Wayne Ritchie Southwest President 2014-2015 Stephens Engineering
Charles Alan Sternbach Charles Alan Sternbach Gulf Coast President 2014-2015 Star Creek Energy Company Inc
John Thomas Williams John Thomas Williams Pacific President 2014-2015 Petrolog Inc
David Jacob Entzminger David Jacob Entzminger Past President 2014-2015
Daniel Evan Schwartz Daniel Evan Schwartz Past President 2014-2015 Aera Energy LLC
Catherine Elizabeth Campbell Catherine Elizabeth Campbell Rocky Mountain President Elect 2014-2015 Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC
Darrell Lee Mauldin Darrell Lee Mauldin Southwest President Elect 2014-2015 TravCon Exploration, LLC
Kurt Edward Neher Kurt Edward Neher Pacific President Elect 2014-2015 Occidental Oil & Gas Corp.
Steven H. Brachman Steven H. Brachman Executive Committee Liaison 2014-2016 Wapiti Energy, LLC
H. W. Peace, II H. W. Peace, II Mid-Continent Vice President 2013-2015 EXAD

Historical Information