Publications Pipeline Committee

The function of the Publication Pipeline Committee is to collect geoscience books and journals from those who no longer need them and to forward these resources to overseas universities and libraries. Most of the material distributed is from retired and deceased geoscientists and downsized company libraries. The books and journals are cataloged, boxed, stored and distributed when a need for them is identified. These books and journals are sent to overseas universities and other libraries that require these resources with the assistance of companies with overseas operations. When necessary, the committee applies to the AAPG Foundation for funding to ship these materials.

Arthur William Browning Arthur William Browning Chair 2015-2018 Browning Earth Sciences Texas
Michael L. Sweet Michael L. Sweet Executive Committee Liaison 2013-2016 ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
David E. Lange David E. Lange Staff Liaison 2004-2016 AAPG
Jon Frederic Blickwede MEMBER 2015-2018 Statoil
Martin Macdermott Cassidy MEMBER 2001-2017 Consultant
Martin Macdermott Cassidy MEMBER 2001-2017 University of Houston
Ibrahim Cemen MEMBER 2011-2017 University of Alabama
Jose Ignacio Guzman MEMBER 2014-2017 Statoil
Frederick M. Wall MEMBER 2002-2017
Gerrit Wind MEMBER 2005-2017

Historical Information