Publications Pipeline Committee

The mission of the AAPG Publication Pipeline Committee is to improve geoscience education in developing countries by providing used geoscience books and periodicals at no cost to university libraries and other libraries that request them. Because of war or civil unrest, lack of funds, fire or other natural disasters, many overseas libraries are in need of basic library resources for use in higher education and training so important to continued development of their countries.

As North American geoscientists retire and companies consolidate, many libraries are available for donation, or they will be discarded.

The AAPG Publication Pipeline committee collects, inventories, boxes, stores, and sends donated geoscience periodicals and books to university libraries and other libraries overseas for use by students, faculty, and researchers. The committee raises funds to help with this work and we arrange shipment of publications overseas by companies as part of their shipments to areas where they operate. The AAPG Foundation receives donations of hardcopies only of periodicals, books, journals, and maps.

We are Geoscientists helping Geoscientists.

Arthur William Browning Arthur William Browning Chair 2015-2018 Browning Earth Sciences Texas
Michael L. Sweet Michael L. Sweet Executive Committee Liaison 2013-2016 ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
David E. Lange David E. Lange Staff Liaison 2004-2016 AAPG
Jon Frederic Blickwede Jon Frederic Blickwede Secretary 2015-2018 Statoil
Jose Ignacio Guzman Jose Ignacio Guzman Treasurer 2014-2017 Statoil
David C. Blanchard MEMBER 2015-2018 DB Global Energy Consultants, LLC
Martin Macdermott Cassidy MEMBER 2001-2017 Consultant
Martin Macdermott Cassidy MEMBER 2001-2017 University of Houston
Charles A. Caughey MEMBER 2015-2018
Sofia Caylor MEMBER 2015-2018
Leigh Cunningham MEMBER 2015-2018 Chevron
Elizabeth Desser MEMBER 2015-2018 Shell
Gretchen M. Gillis MEMBER 2015-2018 Aramco Services Company
Atif Hariz MEMBER 2015-2018
Cassie Mae O'Connor MEMBER 2015-2018 Baker Hughes Inc
Brian Wall MEMBER 2015-2018
Meagan Amanda Wall MEMBER 2015-2018
Gerrit Wind MEMBER 2005-2017

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