Public Outreach Committee

The function of the Committee on Public Outreach is to develop means of informing the public about geology in general and petroleum geology in particular, and to report successful projects to AAPG's affiliated societies.

Rebecca Lee Dodge Rebecca Lee Dodge Chair 2009-2015 Midwestern State University
David W. Bieber MEMBER 2012-2015 David Bieber
Denise M. Cox MEMBER 2013-2016 Storm Energy
Patrick James Gooding MEMBER 2013-2016 University of Kentucky/Kentucky Geological Survey
James Richard Steidtmann MEMBER 2012-2015 Retired
Scroll to the bottom right page to download your Energy4me Kit materials.
Scroll to the bottom right page to download your Energy4me Kit materials.

Download from Energy4Me

This resource is appropriate for middle and high school students and teachers, as well as the general public.  It has a “careers” element and focuses on technology.  It provides a realistic assessment of the contribution of nonrenewables and renewables. It also makes a pitch for conservation. The notes that accompany the slides are excellent, and each speaker can add to these notes with their own anecdotes and experience.   

This whole presentation can be given in about 20 minutes.  It can also serve as a foundation for an expended presentation that can include more detail on several topics, including

This is a particularly effective way to have a lasting impact when you visit a classroom– provide the teacher whom you visit with activities that they can use over and over again.

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