Membership Coordination and Communication Committee

To identify, train and arm AAPG agents within top petroleum companies in the Houston Geological Society, to serve as 'ambassadors' for AAPG recruiting purposes. The objective is to expand this program to other societies, sections, and regions - illustrating AAPG's mission statement of being indispensable to the geoscientist.

David Harold Hawk David Harold Hawk Chair 2012-2015 Energy Analysis and Answers
Vicki L. Beighle Vicki L. Beighle Staff Liaison 2005-2015 AAPG
Jeffrey William Lund Jeffrey William Lund Committee Manager 2012-2015 Layline Petroleum LLC
David A. Dolph David A. Dolph Executive Committee Liaison 2014-2015
Martha Lou Broussard MEMBER 2012-2015 Rice University
Mary Broussard MEMBER 2012-2015 Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas
Donald Dean Clarke MEMBER 2012-2015 Geological Consultant
David A. Dolph MEMBER 2012-2015
Dallas Brogdon Dunlap MEMBER 2012-2015 Bureau of Economic Geology
Anne Catherine Hargreaves MEMBER 2012-2015
Vivian Lin MEMBER 2012-2015
Chioma Uche Okafor MEMBER 2012-2015 Chevron
Mark Allen Rainer MEMBER 2012-2015 Jones Energy, Ltd.
Andrea Adams Reynolds MEMBER 2012-2015 Shell Exploration & Production Co.
Craig Wayne Reynolds MEMBER 2012-2015 Cobra Oil and Gas Corporation
Daniel Lester Smith MEMBER 2006-2015 Sandalwood Oil & Gas Inc

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