Investment Committee

The function of the Committee on Investments is to invest reserve funds. The Treasurer serves as an ex-officio member and no other member of the Executive Committee may serve on the Investments Committee.

Terry L. Hollrah Terry L. Hollrah Chair 1998-2015 Hollrah Exploration Co.
George Robert Bole MEMBER 2009-2015
John A. Brock MEMBER 2001-2016 Medallion Petroleum Inc
Richard Dale Fritz MEMBER 2013-2016 SM Energy
Willard R. Green MEMBER 2012-2015 Green Energy Resources
Martin D. Hewitt MEMBER 2010-2016
John Richard Hogg MEMBER 2010-2016 Skybattle Resources Ltd.
James R. Howell MEMBER 2004-2016 Precision Energy Services
James S. McGhay MEMBER 2012-2015 Mid-Con Energy
Dwight McClintock Moore MEMBER 2007-2016 GulfSlope Energy
Terence Gregory O'Hare MEMBER 2004-2016 Emerald Energy LLC
James Michael Party MEMBER 2007-2016 Reliance Energy Inc

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