History of Petroleum Geology Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to document the evolution of geological concepts and technology used in the search for oil and gas worldwide, and the people who are responsible for this evolution.

Hans Henning Krause Hans Henning Krause Chair 2010-2016 Independent Consultant
David Curtiss David Curtiss Staff Liaison 2012-2014 AAPG
Laura Cutright Zahm Laura Cutright Zahm Committee Manager 2011-2014
Richard William Ball Richard William Ball Executive Committee Liaison 2013-2014 Chevron
Peter William Baillie MEMBER 2013-2016 CGG
Brian A. Blackstone MEMBER 2011-2014 Chevron
Janet Marie Combes MEMBER 2009-2015
L. Rogers Hardy MEMBER 2010-2016 Consultant
Piotr Krzywiec MEMBER 2010-2016 Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
James Michael Levy MEMBER 2011-2014 Horizon Exploration Services LLC
Donald Watson Lewis MEMBER 2010-2016 Consultant
Peter Robert Rose MEMBER 2012-2015 Rose & Associates, LLP
Wolfgang E. Schollnberger MEMBER 2003-2015 Retired
Raymond Paul Sorenson MEMBER 2003-2015 Retired
Rasoul B. Sorkhabi MEMBER 2010-2016 Energy & Geoscience Inst.
Stephen M. Testa MEMBER 2006-2015 Consultant
Clinton Raymond Tippett MEMBER 2006-2015 Shell Canada
Daniel Maurice Truempy MEMBER 2010-2016 Consultant
James William Tucker MEMBER 2002-2014 Retired

Historical Information