History of Petroleum Geology Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to preserve and promote the history and heritage of the evolution of geological concepts and technology used in the search for oil and gas worldwide, and the men and women who are responsible for this evolution.

The committee endeavors to do this by:

  • Facilitating presentations and posters at AAPG conferences.
  • Soliciting and editing papers for publication in the AAPG Explorer and other publications.
  • Facilitating the knowledge of and access to existing key publications.
  • Building and fostering relationships with other key organizations, such as museums and societies, with a common vision.
  • Posting information on our AAPG webpage to facilitate a greater knowledge and appreciation of our history and heritage.
  • Coordinating and participating in the construction of special exhibits.
  • Honoring mem and women who have made pioneering contributions to the concepts and technology of our profession.

The goals of the committee are:

  • For AAPG membership to gain a better appreciation of our personal, technical, and institutional heritage in order to have higher collective pride and self-esteem.
  • For AAPG Members to better find petroleum in the future by having a better appreciation of how it has been found in the past.
  • To strengthen the AAPG by attracting students and retaining young professionals by instilling in them a better appreciation of our history and heritage.
  • To give other sectors of our industry and society in general a better understanding of the realities and challenges of exploring for petroleum.
L. Rogers Rogers Hardy L. Rogers Rogers Hardy Chair 2014-2017 Consultant
Heather L. LaReau Heather L. LaReau Executive Committee Liaison 2015-2017 Noble Energy, Inc.
Laura Cutright Zahm Laura Cutright Zahm Committee Manager 2011-2017
David Curtiss David Curtiss Staff Liaison 2012-2016 AAPG
Peter William Baillie MEMBER 2013-2016 CGG
Brian A. Blackstone MEMBER 2011-2017 Chevron
Janet Marie Combes MEMBER 2009-2018
Robbie Rice Gries MEMBER 2015-2018 Priority Oil & Gas LLC
Amanda G. Haddad MEMBER 2015-2018 BHP Billiton
Robert D. Hatcher, Jr. MEMBER 2015-2018 Univ. of Tennessee
Hans Henning Krause MEMBER 2014-2016
Piotr Krzywiec MEMBER 2010-2016 Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
Donald Watson Lewis MEMBER 2010-2016 Consultant
Peter Robert Rose MEMBER 2012-2018 Telegraph Exploration, Inc.
Raymond Paul Sorenson MEMBER 2003-2018 Retired
Rasoul B. Sorkhabi MEMBER 2010-2016 Energy & Geoscience Institute
Clinton Raymond Tippett MEMBER 2006-2018 Retired, Shell Canada
James William Tucker MEMBER 2002-2017 Occam Resources

This PDF is a from the Bulletin (Vol. 50, No. 4) published in April of 1966. The author was Harold T. Morley. it is 202 pages and is divided in to four chapters. The Foreward by Morley states, "The local and regional affiliated geological societies have played important roles in the beginnings and growth of the Association; the histories of these societies and the Association are closely intertwined. Most members of the Association are members of one or more local societies, but the story of these local groups is beyond the scope of this work."

This PDF was published in 1994. The author was Edd R. Turner. It is 107 pages and is divided in to 12 chapters. The Foreward by Turner states, "This somewhat terse history of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists' third quarter-century, devoid of a raconteur's charm, aspires rather to provide the reader with a concise summation of the Association's development in that period."