Group Insurance Committee

The function of the Committee on Group Insurance is to maintain liaison with the administrator of the Association's group insurance programs, to review the administrator's annual report, and supervise management of dividends that accrue. The Committee reviews existing programs, especially for cost competitive premiums, and requests new insurance plans to meet changing needs of the membership.

Robert Loren Countryman Robert Loren Countryman Chair 2013-2019
Nelson W. Burt Committee Member 2017-2022 SPE
Jane R. Crouch Committee Member 2017-2020 White Eagle Exploration Inc
Terry L. Hollrah Committee Member 2001-2019 Hollrah Exploration Co.
Martin D. Hewitt Executive Committee Liaison 2016-2018
David E. Lange Staff Liaison 2004-2099 AAPG
Steven Loring Veal Committee Manager 2017-2018