GIS Publications Committee

The GIS Publications committee and Datapages, under the leadership of the Elected Editor and Geoscience Director, solicit and evaluate proposals for publications, recommend standards for format and quality, and ensure quality and rigor through peer review.

  1. Improve quality of GIS publications by soliciting many proposals and increasing selectivity from among these.
  2. Manage expectations for acquiring and publishing GIS material. Develop and implement standards for quality and for technical review.
  3. Create a global network of GIS committee members and collaborators from industry, academia, and geological surveys.
  4. Partner with the print-focused Publications Committee to produce joint print and GIS projects whenever practical.
  5. Contribute to the management of consortium funds by providing two AAPG GIS Committee representatives to sit on the OSU-AAPG Consortium Advisory Board; high-grade Datapages and GIS Publications Committee project funding proposals and liaise with the OSU consortium cartography department to ensure production of high quality and timely results.
Shuhab Khan Shuhab Khan Chair 2017-2020
Daniel Scott Beaty Committee Member 2006-2018 Citation Oil and Gas Corp.
James Sophocles Cokinos Committee Member 2007-2019 CGG
Bret John Fossum Committee Member 2006-2018 ConocoPhillips
Jingyao Gong Committee Member 2006-2018 (IHS)
Scott Jean Hills Committee Member 2009-2018 Chevron
Kevin C. King Committee Member 2009-2018
Samuel H. Limerick Committee Member 2006-2018
Domenico Lodola Committee Member 2009-2018
Andrea M. Loveland Committee Member 2013-2019 Wyoming State Geological Survey
Oliver Nicholas Morris Committee Member 2009-2018 Neftex Petroleum Consultants Ltd
Ian Norton Committee Member 2009-2018
Joseph Andrew Ontko, Jr. Committee Member 2009-2018 Consultant/AAPG
Scott Allen Tiller Committee Member 2013-2019
Peter Wigley Committee Member 2009-2018
Gareth Williams Committee Member 2013-2019 Lynx Information Systems
Barry Jay Katz Executive Committee Liaison 2016-2018 Chevron
Beverly K. Molyneux Staff Liaison 2017-2099 AAPG
Steven Loring Veal Committee Manager 2017-2018

Historical Information

GIS Open Files

The AAPG, under the direction and guidance of the GIS Publications Committee and AAPG Datapages, is building a GIS / spatial library comprised of peer-reviewed Global Framework, Geothematic and Geographic themed projects. The project files are free to the public and can be downloaded from this GIS Open Files page. Other project files are available through the subscription-basedGIS-UDRIL program within AAPG Datapages.

The GIS Publications Committee consists of AAPG member geoscientists who utilize and promote the application of GIS technology and methodologies in petroleum and environmental geosciences. You can learn more about the committee's mission and find out how to volunteer to become a committee member or reviewer here. Industry professional, academic and student authors are encouraged to submit GIS publication proposals for consideration. If you are interested in publishing a GIS project with the AAPG, please click here for information regarding author resources, publications standards and funding options.