Education Committee

The function of the Committee is to stimulate and guide a viable education program by setting goals, guidelines, and directions which satisfy changing needs in continuing education; by recommending subjects for the changing needs in continuing education; by recommending subjects for the Association's catalog of short courses, schools, field seminars, training seminars, course note series, and related education activities; recommending speakers and program leaders and their fees; advising AAPG leadership on education matters, reviewing proposals relating to continuing education.

Lori Louise Summa, PhD Lori Louise Summa, PhD Chair 2012-2018 Rice University
Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Ghamdi Committee Member 2015-2018 Saudi Aramco
Claire E. Astore Committee Member 2012-2018
Tandis Shaterian Bidgoli Committee Member 2014-2020
Nicolas Brissette Committee Member 2012-2018 Oakspring Energy
Carmen Maria Fraticelli Committee Member 2015-2018 Noble Energy Inc.
Jeffrey A. Nunn Committee Member 2000-2018 Chevron Energy Technology Company
Daniel Evan Schwartz Committee Member 2012-2018 Black Fox Resources
Ann M. Vasko Committee Member 2009-2018 Consultant
MaryBeth Wegner Committee Member 2000-2018 CGG
Yitian Xiao, PhD Committee Member 2015-2018 ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
Daniel Evan Schwartz Executive Committee Liaison 2016-2018 Black Fox Resources
Susan Smith Nash Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG
Steven Loring Veal Committee Manager 2017-2018

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