The Energy Policy Governance Board provides strategic guidance and advice on office activities. It consists of AAPG members with significant experience interacting with policy makers and their staff. The Governance Board meets in person twice per year, with additional conference calls as required.

AAPG Energy Policy Governance Board Roster
  • Paul Britt
  • Jeff Eppink
  • William Gof
  • Lee Harvard
  • David Hawk
  • Jim Hill
  • Terry Hollrah
  • Peter MacKenzie, Vice Chair
  • Deborah Sacrey
  • Carl J. Smith
  • Dan Smith, Chair
  • John Lorenz
  • Mike Jacobs (DEG)
  • Frank Walles (EMD)
  • Scott Tinker (Advisory Council)
  • Steve Sonnenberg (HoD)
  • Rick Fritz
  • Pat Gratton
  • Pete Rose
  • Will Green


John Richard Hogg John Richard Hogg Chair 2016-2019 Skybattle Resources Ltd.
Anne C. Draucker Anne C. Draucker Advisory Counselor 2016-2017 Chevron
Craig Alan Eckert Craig Alan Eckert Advisory Counselor 2016-2019 EQT
Peter Desmond Grant Peter Desmond Grant Asia Pacific Advisory Counselor 2015-2017 International Energy Solutions
John E. Jordan, Jr. John E. Jordan, Jr. Gulf Coast Advisory Counselor 2014-2017 Anadarko
Lee Krystinik Lee Krystinik Advisory Counselor 2014-2017
John Clay Lorenz John Clay Lorenz Rocky Mountain Advisory Counselor 2015-2018 FractureStudies LLC
Randi Susan Martinsen Randi Susan Martinsen Advisory Counselor 2015-2018 Hydrocarbon Insight, LLC
Michael Francis McGowan Michael Francis McGowan Mid-Continent Advisory Counselor 2014-2017 McGowan Geological Consulting and Resurrection Petroleum LLC
Andrea Moscariello Andrea Moscariello Europe Advisory Counselor 2012-2018 University of Geneva
Timothy Michael Murin Timothy Michael Murin Advisory Counselor 2016-2017
Nosa Omorodion Nosa Omorodion Africa Advisory Counselor 2013-2019 Schlumberger
Miguel Ramirez Miguel Ramirez Latin America Advisory Counselor 2014-2017 Avanti Energy
Stephen Anthony Reid Stephen Anthony Reid Pacific Advisory Counselor 2015-2018 California Resources Corporation
Robert Charles Shoup Robert Charles Shoup Advisory Counselor 2016-2017
Clinton Raymond Tippett Clinton Raymond Tippett Canada Advisory Counselor 2014-2017 Retired, Shell Canada
Robert Edward Webster Robert Edward Webster Southwest Advisory Counselor 2014-2017
Chandler Thomas Wilhelm Chandler Thomas Wilhelm Advisory Counselor 2016-2017
Robert Kuchinski Robert Kuchinski Observer 2016-2017
Paul William Britt Paul William Britt Executive Committee Liaison 2016-2017 Texplore Inc
David Curtiss David Curtiss Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG
David E. Lange David E. Lange Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG

Energy Policy Office

Office Contacts

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