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Jim Tucker
Occam Resources, Houston, Texas USA


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I am honored to be nominated for treasurer and have the opportunity to contribute to AAPG’s future. My initial geological development was through formal education while a Student member, followed by the advice and mentoring from experienced geoscientists during early professional work, and eventually from peers in AAPG and other professional groups. We join AAPG for the science and then discover how much we benefit from our colleagues.

AAPG activities where the treasurer can contribute include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • There is significant strength in our global geoscience organization. Many of our members’ professional activities grow out of meetings and events sponsored by affiliated Societies, Sections and Regions. The AAPG needs to support these professional groups wherever possible in science, education and professional practice. We must involve our early-career colleagues in local, regional and global geoscience activities during their student and early employment careers. This provides them mentoring and career guidance and the Association benefits from their fresh outlook and enthusiasm.
  • We recognize that dues and other payments from some areas around the world are difficult and costly, with funds transfer fees adding considerably to the expense of members’ memberships. Our offices outside North America can help with this, but we need to work on this problem. The corporate group memberships will help here and hopefully can be increasingly tailored to many more members’ needs.
  • Although the specific treasurer duties are primarily financial, our most valuable asset is the time that members volunteer for the activities of the Association and for the profession. We must act quickly when we recognize opportunities to use that volunteer time more effectively in communications, improved membership information for our Sections and Regions and other areas of member service.

I have been fortunate during my career, working a wide-range of geological regions with many fine colleagues, to live in numerous locations, and have seen many ways that local and global professional societies can serve members and enrich their professional development. My objective is to incorporate these successful practices from our members, to develop an even better Association.

All officers of our Association as the Executive Committee continually evaluate the effectiveness of our organization during their terms. In all matters before the Executive Committee, I will base my decisions on the following tests:

  • Does this benefit our members?
  • Does this benefit the AAPG? If so, near-term, long-term or both?
  • Does this benefit the profession?

All members hopefully strive for the AAPG goal “to be indispensable in the energy-related geosciences worldwide.” Keeping this in mind, we will have the strongest and most effective geoscience society possible. Every interested, qualified geoscientist on the planet should join AAPG. We must employ the combined efforts of all our members for the development of our science and profession.

I am grateful for the nomination as a candidate and excited at the prospect for further service. I look forward to applying my experience in local, regional and global geoscience activities to the challenges of the treasurer’s position.

Academic Degrees

  • M.S., geology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
  • B.A., geology, Rice University, Houston, TX


  • 2012-Present Geologist, Occam Resources
  • 2002-12 Geologist, Saudi Aramco
  • 2000-02 Chief geologist, Computational Geology
  • 1997-99 Manager Integrated Studies, general manager-Reservoir Services, CGG Americas
  • 1996 Consulting geologist
  • 1978-95 Geologist, exploration planning director, Atlantic Richfield Company (NAPD, ARCO Oil and Gas, ARCO Exploration, ARCO International Oil and Gas)
  • 1975 Field assistant, Texas A&M University
  • 1974 Summer geologist, Mobil Oil
  • 1972 Field service, Milchem Drilling Controls (centrifuges, shale shalers, desilters)


AAPG Activities

Joined AAPG 1974
Member DPA, EMD
Foundation Trustee Associate

  • Present 2014 ACE-Houston, judging chair
  • 2008-Present AAPG/SEG Cooperation Committee (and preceding ad hoc committee), member
  • 2007-09 AAPG Middle East Region, secretary
  • 2002-Present History of Petroleum Geology Committee, member
  • 2001-04 Education Committee, member
  • 2005-12, 2001-02, 1985-88 HoD, delegate or alternate
  • 1990-95 Bulletin, associate editor
  • 1988-89 LA Basin Geological Society, president
  • 1987-88 Offshore Technology Conference Committee, member and chair
  • 1987 Credentials Committee, House of Delegates

AAPG Honors & Awards


Articles or abstracts on the Ouachitas, Southeast Turkey, offshore Ghana, prospect portfolio analysis, seismic inversion, subsurface temperatures and dip analysis.

Section 7. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall supervise the receipt of all funds and, under the direction of the Executive Committee, be responsible for all disbursements of funds of the Association; shall serve ex officio as a member of the Committee on Investments; shall give bond, the amount of which shall be determined by the Executive Committee, shall make the annual report as Treasurer, and perform such other duties as directed by the Executive Committee.

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