The AAPG Nominating Committee, a sub-committee of the Advisory Council, is responsible for recommending a list of nominees for AAPG office to the Executive Committee for its approval each year. The deadline for nominations is 1 August 2017. Nominations received after 1 August will be held for next year’s consideration.

The Nominating Committee will consider candidates in September 2017 for President-Elect serving 2018-19, President 2019-20; Vice-President for Sections 2018-20; and Treasurer for 2018-20.

We urge you to take the following steps when determining your nominations for the various offices:

    President-Elect and President

    CEO responsibilities, substantial amount of travel, six year time commitment (1) as candidate, (2) as officer, (3) on Advisory Council), must possess excellent communication skills, shall prepare annual report and a monthly column for the Explorer as President, overseas activities and health of Sections and Regions. Position requires decisiveness and ability to delegate effectively.


    The President-Elect shall serve for one (1) year as such and in the following year shall assume the office of President. The President-Elect shall have no administrative authority except as a member of the Executive Committee; shall become acquainted with all the details of the office of President, and generally become prepared to serve as President. The President-Elect shall be responsible for the preparation of the budget for the ensuing fiscal year for approval by the Executive Committee.


    The President shall be the chief executive officer of this Association. The President shall be spokesman for the Association on all matters pertaining to the public; shall appoint the members of all committees within the limits prescribed in the Constitution and Bylaws; shall appoint delegates to cooperating organizations to represent the Association; and shall serve as chairman of the Executive Committee.


    Vice President, Sections

    The Vice President, Sections shall serve for two years and perform such duties as assigned by the President which may include assisting with the Honors and Awards portion of the opening session at the Annual Meeting, committee oversight, and other tasks assigned by the Executive Committee. The Vice President, Sections shall be concerned with the activities of the Association with respect to Sections. During the second year of the term, the Vice President, Sections shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to serve and shall assume the office of President in case of a vacancy for any cause in that office.



    The Treasurer shall serve two (2) years and may serve on the Committee on Insurance, serve on the Committee on Investments, prepares the Annual Report, Supervises receipt of all funds and, under direction of the EC, is responsible for all disbursements of Association funds. The Treasurer liaisons with several committees.


We ask that you please submit your recommendations on the form(s) provided. These forms are intended to bring greater uniformity and consistency to the nomination process and will ease the task of submitting nominations. Return completed forms to Karin Alyea and Vicki Beighle, AAPG, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, OK 74101 by 1 August 2017.

Candidates will be considered for no more than three years unless re-nominated.

Review the charge to the nominator