Martin Hewitt



Academic Degrees

  • 1982: B.S., geology (Hons.), McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
  • 1991: MBA, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada


  • 2008-13: Exploration manager-Gulf of Mexico, Nexen Petroleum USA, Houston
  • 2008-12: Exploration manager-Gulf of Mexico, Nexen Petroleum USA, Plano, Texas
  • 2007-08: General manager-international planning and economics, Nexen Inc., Calgary, Canada
  • 2006-07: Division manager-international business development, Nexen Inc., Calgary, Canada
  • 2002-06: Various team lead and group lead roles, EnCana Corp., Calgary, Canada
  • 2000-02: Senior staff geologist, PanCanadian Petroleum, Calgary, Canada
  • 1982-2000: Various geologic, planning and business development roles, Petro-Canada, Calgary, Canada

AAPG Activities

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • 2015: DPA Distinguished Service Award
  • 2014: AAPG Honorary member
  • 2013: HoD, House Long Service Award
  • 2010: HoD, Honorary Member of the House Award
  • 2006: AAPG Distinguished Service Award
  • 2003 and 2008: HoD, House Recognition of Service Award

  • Hewitt, M.D., “Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage in the Weyburn Oilfield – An Economic and Environmental Win-Win.” SPE ATW on CO2 Sequestration, November 2005, Galveston, Texas.
  • Hewitt, M.D. and Myers, P., “What’s New in the Gulf of Mexico.” Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists annual convention, June 2003, Calgary, Canada (invited talk).
  • Myers, P. and Hewitt, M.D., “Exploration Growth Options in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico.” Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists annual convention, June 2002, Calgary, Canada.
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  • Hewitt, M.D. and Hogg, J.R., “The Jeanne d’Arc Basin Offshore Newfoundland: Canada’s Preeminent Basin for the Next Decade.” AAPG annual convention, April 1997, Dallas.
  • Wilcox, L.B., Couturier, D.E. and Hewitt, M.D., “The Integration of Seismic, Geological and Well Test Studies into a Reservoir Description for the Terra Nova Oilfield Offshore Eastern Canada.” Thirteenth World Petroleum Congress, October 1991, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Hewitt, M.D. and Bever, J.M., “Reservoir Modelling – An Introduction.” Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists annual convention, June 1991, Calgary, Canada.
  • Hewitt, M.D. and Hogg, J.R., “Integration of Development and Exploration Geology in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin.” Asistencia Reciproca Petrolera Estatal Latinoamericana (ARPEL) LXXI Rane – Reunion de Expertos, June 1989, Calgary, Canada.
  • Creed, R.M., Hewitt, M.D., Hogg, J.R. and Yeo, C.J., 1990, “Oil and Gas Developments in Western Canada, 1989”: AAPG Bulletin, v. 74, No. 10B, p. 164-179.
  • Portigal, M.H., Cr




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