John G.
John G. Kaldi
Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide, Australia
Academic Degrees

  • 1980: Ph.D. Geology, Cambridge University, England, UK
  • 1976: M.Sc., Queens College, City University of New York, Flushing, 
    Queens, New York, USA
  • 1974: B.Sc. Geology, Queens College, City University of New York
  • 1971: Certificate Liberal Arts, (Pre-Med Program), New York University, New York, New York, USA


  • 1998-Present: University of Adelaide, Australian School of Petroleum, Cooperative
    Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC), Chief Scientist; Professor; Chair of Geosequestration; Storage Program Manager; Education and Training Program Manager; Head of School; Director; National Centre for Petroleum Geology & Geophysics, Adelaide, Australia
  • 1997-98: VICO Indonesia, Chief Geologist, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 1991-97: ARCO Indonesia, Geological Specialist, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 1987-91: ARCO Oil and Gas Co., Senior Reservoir Geologist, Plano, Texas, USA 
  • 1982-87: Shell Canada, Senior Research Geologist, Calgary, Canada 
  • 1980-82: Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Research Geologist, Regina, Canada
  • 1978-80: InterCon Geological Consultants, Contract Geologist/Petrographer


AAPG Activities

  • Honorary Member, Joined AAPG 1982; Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG) 2005, DEG Advisory Board, 2015-18; Division of Professional Affairs (DPA) CPG #6140, 2012, DPA Council Member, Asia Pacific Region, 2015-18; Energy Minerals Division (EMD)
  • Executive Committee Candidate, President-Elect, 2017
  • Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW), Technical Program Committee, Myanmar, 2016
  • Imperial Barrel Award Faculty Advisor, Adelaide University, 2015-16
  • ICE Organizing Committee, Technical Program Advisor, 2014-15
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Governance, 2014-16
  • Executive Committee, Regions Vice President, 2013-15
  • Executive Committee Liaison, 2013-15, Global Events Oversight (GEvO) Committee; Distinguished Lecture Committee; Ethics Committee; HoD Committee; International Regions Committee
  • Audit Review Committee, 2013-15
  • House of Delegates, Asia Pacific Region Delegate, Australia, 1999-14; HoD Delegate-At-Large, 2013-15; HoD Resolutions Committee, 2004-07; Vice Chair, 2006-07; HoD Nominations & Elections Committee, 2005-09, 2003-04; HoD Future of Earth Scientists Committee, 2000-01; HoD Honors & Awards Committee, 2009-11 
  • Distinguished Lecturer, European Region, 2009-10; Asia Pacific Region, 2002-03
  • AAPG/SPE/SEG Joint Research Convener; Co-Chair; Hedberg, Vancouver, Canada, 2009 
  • Visiting Geologist Committee, 2008-Present 
  • Education Committee, 2007-16 
  • Ad Hoc Committee, 100th Anniversary, 2007-10 
  • Technical Program Committee Chair, Program Coordinator, AAPG ICE, Perth, Australia, 2006 
  • Visiting Geoscientist Program (VGP), 2004-13; Chair, 2008-11; Vice Chair, 2005-08
  • AAPG Asia Pacific Region President, 2002-05; Region Member of the AAPG Advisory Council, 2002-05; Secretary, 1998-02; AAPG Special Lecturer, 1995-96
  • AAPG Hedberg Conference on Seals, Convener, 2002; 1993
  • Technical Program Committee, Program Coordinator, Oral Session Co-Chair, AAPG/Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) Convention, Bali, 2000
  • International Regions Committee (IRC), 2001-10,1992-98; Chair, 2005-08
  • Reservoir Development Committee, 1990-93 
  • Research Committee, 1984-87
  • Grants-in-Aid Committee, 1983-86 

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • AAPG Candidate for President Elect 2017
  • AAPG HoD Distinguished Service Award, 2016
  • AAPG Certificate of Merit, Vice President, Regions, 2015
  • AAPG HoD 15-Year Certificate of Service Award, 2014
  • AAPG Certificate of Merit, AAPG ACE Annual Conference, 2012
  • AAPG DEG Best Paper Award, 2012
  • AAPG Certificate of Merit, Visiting Geoscientist Program Committee Chair, 2011
  • AAPG HoD 9-Year Certificate of Service Award, 2010
  • AAPG Certificate of Appreciation, Distinguished Lecturer, European Region, 2009
  • AAPG DEG Outreach Award, 2009
  • AAPG Honorary Membership Award, 2009
  • AAPG Certificate of Merit, International Regions Committee Chair, 2008 
  • Convener Hedberg Conferences on Seals, 2002, 1993  
  • AAPG Certificate of Merit, Technical Program Co-Chair, International Conference, Perth, 2006
  • AAPG Distinguished Service Award, 2005
  • AAPG Certificate of Merit, Asia Pacific Region President, 2005 
  • AAPG Certificate of Appreciation, Distinguished Lecturer, 2004 
  • AAPG Certificate of Merit, Initiating Bali International Region, 2000
  • AAPG Distinguished Service Award, 1997
  • AAPG Special Commendation Award, 1997 



  • Daniel, R. F. & J. G. Kaldi, (2012) Atlas of Australian and New Zealand Hydrocarbon Seals, AAPG Studies in Geology 60, 215pp
  • Boult, P. J. and J.G. Kaldi, 2005 Evaluating Fault and Cap Rock Seals AAPG Hedberg Series, No. 2, 268 pp.


  • Kaldi, J. (2014) Evaluating seals for hydrocarbon retention. Proceedings Indonesian Petroleum Association, 38th Annual Convention & Exhibition; Paper IPA14-G-361; 10 pp.
  • Kaldi J, Daniel R, Tenthorey E, Michael K, Schacht U, Underschultz J, Nicol A, and Backe G (2011) "Caprock systems for CO2 geological storage." IEAGHG Report, 2011/01, June 2011: 123pp
  • Kaldi, J.G., C. Gibson-Poole & T.H.B. Payenberg (2010) Geological input to selection and evaluation of CO2 geosequestration sites. In: M. Grobe, J. C. Pashin, and R. L. Dodge, eds., Carbon dioxide sequestration in geological media—State of the science: AAPG Studies in Geology 59 5-16.
  • Kaldi, J.G., G.W. O'Brien & T. Kivior (1999) Seal capacity and hydrocarbon accumulation history in dynamic petroleum systems: the East Java Basin, Indonesia and the Timor Sea Region, Australia; APPEA Journal V. 39 (1999), p. 73-86.
  • Kaldi, J.G., and C.D. Atkinson, (1997). Evaluating Seal Potential. In: R.Surdam (ed). Seals, Traps and the Petroleum System. AAPG memoir 67, p.85-101.
  • Noble, R., J.G. Kaldi, and C.D. Atkinson, (1997) Oil saturation in shales: application to seal evaluation In: R.Surdam (ed). Seals, Traps and the Petroleum System. AAPG memoir 67, p.13-29.
  • Bliefnick, D.M., and J.G. Kaldi., 1996; Pore geometry: control on reservoir properties, Walker Creek Field, Columbia and Lafayette Counties, Arkansas. Bull. AAPG, v.80, p. 1027-1044.

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