Thomas E.
Thomas E. Ewing
Vice President, Sections 2012-14
Yegua Energy Associates, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Academic Degrees

  • 1981 Ph.D., geological sciences, University of British Columbia
  • 1977 M.S., geochemistry, New Mexico Tech
  • 1975 B.S., geology, Colorado College


  • 2007-present Geoscientist and partner, Yegua Energy Associates
  • 1985-present Consulting geologist and geophysicist, Frontera Exploration Consultants
  • 1995-2003 Geoscientist, Venus Exploration
  • 1980-85 Research Scientist, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology


AAPG Activities

Joined AAPG 1981
Member DEG, DPA, EMD

  • 2001-present HoD delegate, South Texas Geological Society
  • 2007-08 President, AAPG Division of Professional Affairs, (and AAPG Advisory Council)
  • 2004 Technical Program co-chair, GCAGS Convention
  • 2000-03 Member, Government Affairs Committee, AAPG DPA
  • 2000-02 Chair, Publications Committee, AAPG Energy Minerals Division
  • 1999-2000 President, AAPG Energy Minerals Division, (and AAPG Advisory Council)
  • 1996-99 Member, AAPG Convention Committee, Treasurer, AAPG Division of Professional Affairs
  • 1993-99 Member, AAPG Geophysics Committee
  • 1994-96 Vice president, AAPG Division of Professional Affairs
  • 1993-96 General chair,
  • 1996 GCAGS Convention
  • 1991-94 HoD delegate, South Texas Geological Society
  • 1992-93 Vice chair, AAPG House of Delegates
  • 1989 Field trip chair, AAPG Annual Convention
  • 1985 Editor, GCAGS Transactions
  • 1982-84 HoD delegate, Austin Geological Society

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • 2010 GCAGS Honorary Membership
  • 2009 AAPG EMD Honorary Membership
  • 2005 AAPG Distinguished Service Award
  • 1998 AAPG Levorsen Award (Gulf Coast)
  • 1993 GCAGS Distinguished Service Award
  • 1982 AAPG Levorsen Award (Gulf Coast)


  • Over 75 articles, reports and guidebooks. Most interesting (in brief format):
  • 2010, Assessment of undiscovered resources, Claiborne Group (with Paul Hackley) - AAPG Bulletin
  • 2010, Pre-Pearsall geology and plays in South Texas - GCAGS Transactions
  • 2009, Sabine Uplift and northern GOM Basin - GCAGS Transactions
  • 2008, Geology and history in San Antonio area - STGS Publication [for non-technical audience]
  • 2007, Fairways in the Downdip and Middip Yegua Trend - GCAGS Transactions
  • 2005, Phanerozoic development of the Llano Uplift - STGS Bulletin and AGS Guidebook
  • 2004, Volcanoes, asphalt, tectonics and groundwater near Uvalde - STGS Guidebook
  • 2001, Late Jurassic depositional systems and plays - GCAGS Transactions
  • 1998, Shanghai Field, unexpected reserves defined by 3D - GCAGS Case Histories
  • 1993, Erosional margins and subsidence, West Texas Basin - NMGS Guidebook
  • 1991, Structural framework, Gulf of Mexico - GSA Geology of North America v. J
  • 1991, Tectonic map of Texas and companion text - BEG
  • 1986, Structural styles in the Wilcox and Frio - BEG RI 154
  • 1984, Hackberry sandstone reservoirs - BEG GC 84-7
  • 1980, Paleogene tectonics, Pacific Northwest - Journal of Geology

Section 3. Vice President, Section

The Vice President, Sections, when elected earlier than the Vice President, Regions, shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to serve. The Vice President, Sections, when elected earlier than the Vice President, Regions, shall assume the office of President in case of a vacancy for any cause in that office; and shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the President. The Vice President, Sections shall, with his or her other duties, concern himself or herself with the activities of the Association in respect to United States Sections. A Vice President, Sections elected pursuant to the provisions of Section 12 of this Article II shall be presumed for the purposes of this Section 3 to have been elected on the date of his or her predecessor’s election.




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