Barry J.

Barry J. Katz

Senior Research Consultant




Academic Degrees

  • 1979: Ph.D., marine geology and geophysics, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fla.
  • 1974: B.S., geology, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.Y.


  • 2007-Present: Senior research consultant, Chevron, Houston
  • 2001-07: Research consultant, Chevron, Houston
  • 1997-2001: Research consultant, Texaco, Bellaire, Texas
  • 1993-97: Senior research associate, Texaco, Houston
  • 1990-93: Research associate, Texaco, Houston
  • 1987-90: Senior research geologist, Texaco, Houston
  • 1984-87: Research geologist, Texaco, Houston
  • 1979-84: Senior geologist, Texaco, Bellaire, Texas

AAPG Activities

  • B.J. Katz and F. Lin, 2014. Lacustrine basin unconventional resource plays: Key differences. Marine and Petroleum Geology 56, 255-265.
  • B.J. Katz, 2011. Microbial processes and natural gas accumulations. The Open Geology Journal 5, 75-83.
  • B.J. Katz, 2010. Geologic and geochemical controls on oil quality. Boletin de la Asociacion Mexicana de Geologos Petroleros, A.C. 55, 9-21.
  • T. Cool, B. Katz, T. Dinges, D. Reimers and R. Flesher, 2008. Hydrocarbon source rock assessment and revised biostratigraphy of DSDP Site 369A, offshore northest African Margin. Journal of Petroleum Geology 31, 117-134.
  • B. Katz and V.D. Robison, 2006. Oil quality in deepwater settings – concerns, perceptions, observations and reality. AAPG Bulletin 90, 909-920.
  • B.J. Katz, 2006. Significance of ODP results on deepwater hydrocarbon exploration – Eastern equatorial Atlantic region. Journal of African Earth Science 46, 331-345.
  • B.J. Katz and R.C. Haack, 2006. Hydrocarbon charge in Niger Delta petroleum systems. Journal of Mining and Geology 42, 1-14.
  • B.J. Katz, 2005. Controlling factors on source rock development – A review of productivity, preservation and sedimentation rate. In N. Harris (ed.), Deposition of Organic Carbon-Rich Sediments: Models, Mechanism and Consequences. SEPM Special Publication 82, 7-16.
  • B.J. Katz, A. Narimanov and R. Husinzadeh, 2002. Significance of microbial processes in gases of the South Caspian basin. Marine and Petroleum Geology 19, 783-796.
  • B.J. Katz, 2001. Lacustrine basin exploration – current thoughts. Journal of Paleolimnology 26, 161-179.
  • Seventy-five peer-reviewed publications and more than 120 presentations on the applications of geochemistry to petroleum exploration. These works have address




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